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Trakm8 customer makes massive savings installing SWIFT

As overheads continue to rise for fleet managers, Trakm8’s SWIFT web portal has a number of features that are designed to increase efficiency in vehicle fleets.

Electrical contractors William Dyer found SWIFT increased efficiency in many different areas of their businesses, including productivity, fuel consumption and customer service.

Bill Dyer, Managing Director of William Dyer, said: ‘We use the swift system daily to update our customers on arrival times and to ensure we meet our client’s needs. We discovered very quickly that because our business is part of the service industry we rely on getting on site on time to ensure programme deadlines are met.

‘With the help of SWIFT we discovered that our working hours from 8am until 5pm meant a lot of our drivers were idling in traffic, we have now changed our hours to 7am until 4pm which has resulted in 30% more productivity and reduced fuel costs by 8%.’

SWIFT’s easy to use interface gives fleet managers the tools they need to ensure their fleet is running at maximum efficiency including innovative alerts, reports and CANbus data.

Bill said: ‘We use the system to ensure that employees are driving within the speed limits and our vehicles are used on company business only. However there are several other benefits which make the swift system so attractive. When we first introduced SWIFT our fuel cost reduced by just over 40% through utilising the weekly reports, using company vehicles within the new working times and ensuring speed limits were adhered to.’

John Watkins, Trakm8’s Chief Executive, said: ‘After continued pressure put on the industry, there are signs that confidence is improving in the fleet industry. However, that still means that fleets must remain efficient in the short term as overheads like fuel and maintenance costs continue to rise.

‘SWIFT has been designed so that fleet managers are able to see just how efficient their fleet is through reports that highlight poor driver behaviour resulting in higher fuel consumption, alerts that identify when faults develop on vehicles to reduce maintenance costs and also reports that identify when vehicles have been used for private journeys.’

Bill elaborated: ‘We have maintained a steady saving which more than pays for this investment. With the poor economic climate, all businesses need to reduce overheads; with a little investment and foresight the Swift system can ensure this.’

Trakm8’s SWIFT is available in three packages, the flagship Premier is ideal for fleets who want to save fuel costs by monitoring driver behaviour, Advanced gives medium sized fleets all the essential reports and data they need to keep efficiency levels high, and Classic is ideal for simple track and trace.

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