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Trakm8 demonstrates how to improve fleet safety and efficiency at Fleet News CCIA

Trakm8 will be exhibiting at Fleet News CCIA next month and will be demonstrating the many benefits of vehicle telemetry to improve driver safety and monitor vehicle usage.

Fleet News CCIA is an event focused on improving the safety of company car drivers and promotes solutions to manage a safer fleet. Trakm8 will be exhibiting at the show and demonstrating how their up and coming SWIFT 6 platform and enriched driver behaviour data can improve fleet safety and efficiency.

Trakm8 can monitor and improve fleet driver behaviour with a real time in-cab feedback device, where visual and audio feedback is given to encourage a smoother driving style. With reduced speeding and driving styles improved the fleet becomes safer, therefore accident risk, frequency and severity is reduced. As a result, a positive effect on the general running cost of a fleet with less servicing repairs and vehicle downtime is achieved.

With the imminent launch of Trakm8 SWIFT 6 there are many features which give the Fleet Operator a better understanding of the driving conditions and fleet activity. Google Street view is available with advanced route replay functionalities which could be used in the event of an incident for the fleet operator to review the road conditions and driver behaviour at that point. Improved operational efficiencies can also be achieved by using the new vehicle health functions on SWIFT 6. Factors such as vehicle battery and Diagnostics Trouble Codes are monitored with the operator alerted if the battery voltage drops below threshold or a trouble code is activated.

Vehicle telemetry is also a useful tool for fleet operators in distinguishing between business and private mileage. By using Trakm8’s SWIFT 6 web portal, specific vehicle activity can be tracked to monitor mileage and service reminders ensure a higher end of life vehicle value. Accurate mileage capture can be automatically exported and integrated into HR and finance administration programmes, ensuring expense claims are accurate.

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