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Trakm8 launch new suite of SWIFT fleet management packages

Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions have recently launched their new suite of SWIFT fleet management packages. In addition, Trakm8 have just launched a new option to these packages that can help keep you in contact with your fleet in a manner which is both cost effective and safe.

As the demands for increased fleet efficiency grow, today’s vehicle fleet operators often require frequent 2-way instant messaging and voice communications with their drivers. This allows dynamic changes to scheduling needs and responsive despatching of new jobs to ensure maximum fleet efficiency. Some fleets equip their drivers with mobile phones in an attempt to solve this problem but they quickly find that inappropriate use of the mobile increases costs whilst the potential distraction from driving can be a very real safety concern with serious legal consequences.

Trakm8 have addressed this problem by providing integrated voice and messaging within their tracking system. Costs are controlled by limiting the available dialling numbers to a small pre-approved set such as; scheduled customers, the head-office and the fleet manager. A single button allows the driver to make the call without distraction from the driving task.

Trakm8’s 2-way messaging between the vehicle driver and operator is provided through a low cost in-cab terminal. Messages to drivers can be sent with user defined responses (preloaded messages), so the driver doesn’t need to type anything.

The Trakm8 development road map continues to enhance this in vehicle messaging system to provide a fully integrated messaging solution with the Trakm8 SWIFT product suite and these incremental enhancements will be made available for existing customers.

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