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Trakm8 provide full security tracking system for Buckhurst Plant Hire

Buckhurst Plant Hire needed a solution to ensure their high value machinery and equipment was safe and secure. Trakm8 provided the answer with a ground-breaking system.

Buckhurst Plant Hire, one of the biggest suppliers of plant hire in the UK, had specific priorities when looking at a new tracking system, but the overriding concern was a system that reacts quickly to any problems with an asset.

Lee Gansler, Marketing Manager of Buckhurst Plant Hire said: ‘Machine security has always been an important part of the plant hire business as it affects insurance premiums and customer security on site. Upgrading the Buckhurst fleet to a new rapid response system was vital as plant theft has become more professional with machines quickly moved from site and exported overnight.

‘Trakm8 offered a speedy system that fully satisfied our hire customer base.’

As part of their hire package plant hire customers demand a full security tracking system, safeguarding their insurance premiums and machinery on vulnerable construction sites.

Lee said: ‘One of the most important features for us and our hire customers was that we could immobilise a vehicle immediately, when notified of a machine theft or unauthorised use. This is done online through the online SWIFT system and is one of the biggest theft deterrents on site. It was the biggest factor for us in selecting the Trakm8 system.

‘It was important to Buckhurst that the software could be shared and customers could see the data coming from the machines they hired. This system allows us both to see where the vehicle is, and provides alerts straight to email if machines move out of designated construction sites.’

Many stolen machines are loaded onto trucks for a quick getaway, email alerts highlight any unauthorised machine movements and lifting. Trakm8’s innovative alerts also highlight unit power loss by thieves when trying to disable the unit. However, with Trakm8’s battery backup, machines can still be tracked.

Lee said: ‘The Trakm8 system provides important data for machine utilisation – we have had positive feedback from our customers where they have reduced unnecessary machine idling which has lead to a significant effect on fuel costs. For longer term hires the Trakm8 system allows us to set regular service interval reminders.’

John Watkins, Trakm8’s CEO said: ‘Buckhurst Plant Hire approached us with a list of requirements that we were able to engineer into our SWIFT system. The bespoke system offers them an intuitive alert system that both customers and Buckhurst staff have access to.’

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