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Trakm8 SWIFT reduces Acclaim Pallet Express maintenance costs

Fleets that use Trakm8’s SWIFT vehicle telematics system and promote efficient driving styles can reduce their maintenance costs, and subsequently reduce vehicle downtime.

Acclaim Pallet Express promote efficient driving in their fleet which can reduce the wear and tear on vehicle components including tyres, the engine and gearbox.

Reducing harsh acceleration, braking and cornering means less stress on the vehicle and a dramatic reduction of maintenance costs.

Ravi Sandu, from Acclaim Pallet Express, said: ‘Monitoring drivers does make a difference to maintenance costs. We have achieved this through simply monitoring speeding and what routes the drivers take, ensuring the most efficient driving style and routes are achieved.’

Trakm8’s SWIFT vehicle telematics system gives fleet managers all the tools they need to promote efficient, and economical, driving amongst their drivers.

The industry leading T8 unit accurately monitors many different driver behaviour features that, not only save fuel but, could reduce maintenance costs.

John Watkins, Trakm8 Chief Executive, said: ‘Put together, fuel and maintenance costs are probably the two largest overheads affecting fleets at the moment. Our SWIFT products help to reduce these by monitoring driver behaviour. Promoting efficient and economical driving helps to reduce not only fuel bills, but maintenance costs as well.’

Trakm8’s SWIFT Premier is the industry leading fleet management solution, accurately monitoring vehicle data and identifying areas to save costs. Connecting to the vehicle’s CANbus system, SWIFT Premier can help reduce fuel, maintenance and operational costs.

SWIFT Advanced offers all the essential reports needed to operate a fleet, whilst SWIFT Classic is ideal for fleets that require a simple system to locate their vehicles.

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