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TransAction 2007

“TransAction 2007” makes you aware, that a nationwide legal protest against high fuel taxation will take place at various locations. These will be made available as will the date and time during the coming days. Protest action will take place on the same date and at the same time.

Person(s) participating in the demonstration do so on their own inititive. You will be advised of a “meeting area”. If you have not already registered on the “TransAction 2007” forum section of the website, now is the time to support this LEGAL demonstration.

“TransAction 2007” would emphasis, you should comply with police instructions. Any person seen acting outside of police instruction will be reported and asked to be removed from the protest area. Further information will be released here as we receive it.

Your attention should be focused on Wednesday 12th December 2007. “TransAction 2007” would like to thank everyone for their support in this campaign. We act as individuals but stand as one.

In finishing, “TransAction 2007” respectfully request that both HM Treasury and the Directors of the Road Haulage Association, urgently meet and enter into sincere and constructive dialogue to achieve an amicable solution to resolve this long standing issue over fuel duty that would be acceptable to all parties concerned. Negotiation should be the way forward.

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