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Transdeck goods lift is quick economical solution

A free-standing Transdek goods lift has provided cost-effective facilities for moving loads between the ground and first floors of a new self-storage warehouse opened by The Store Room at Leicester.

The new premises have 20,000 sq ft of storage space on two floor levels in the form of 150 separate rooms ranging from 25 to 250 sq ft. Transdek was appointed by The Store Room to install a 1000kg SWL lift to link the two levels.

The lift is a self-contained, floor-mounted structure that required no pit or other civil engineering work and took less than two days to fully install. It is powered by a 240V 16A electricity supply. The overall height of the structure is 5700mm, and the lift itself is designed to rise 3250mm.

The lift platform measures 2400mm wide x 1500mm deep, and its sides are lined with plywood to stop goods from catching in the steel mesh that forms the sides of the shaft. The platform also has a pair of inner gates, which are interlocked with the steel outer gates fitted to the shaft at the two storage levels. Staff can operate the lift from both levels.

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