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Transmon cameras bring ‘Second Sight’ to Forklift Truck Operations

The use of cameras on forklifts can deliver key benefits to a variety of operations looking to improve efficiency and safety. However, according to Transmon Engineering, camera solutions are also being used to reduce excess expenditure from damage to stock, racking and the trucks themselves.

"Cameras are no longer specialist items for forklifts, they can be used in standard applications to enhance the performance of the operation" explains Paul Sercombe of Transmon Engineering in Leicester.

Transmon’s Vision Savure is a camera and monitor system that can be easily fitted to any forklift truck. The camera can be located in various positions, depending on the application, and features an automatic iris, which compensates for any change in lighting conditions, making it suitable for use in indoor and outdoor operations. Images are sent to a 7" flat screen monitor, located in an unobtrusive position within the cab, which allows the operator to easily make adjustments to his or her lifting or reversing directions.

"Typically cameras have been used in cold store, high bay operations or for high and awkward loads, but it is becoming more popular as the technology becomes available to everyone" he says.

Vision Savure heightens the health and safety of the operation by helping to reduce the number of accidents and damage caused by miscalculations made through human error. For operators working at height or in reverse mode, the Vision Savure allows heightened visibility of the forks and racking, without the operator adopting an uncomfortable position. This minimises the risk of injury caused by neck or back strain and can even increase the speed at which the operator is able to work accurately.

There are three variations of the Vision Savure, which include a hard wired version (Vision Savure 1) and a Wireless RF version (Vision Savure 2). The wireless Vision Savure can be used in Cold store and Ambient applications, and can be powered either by the truck itself or by rechargeable batteries.

Transmon has also developed a system that records accidents to link into the fleet management system and support damage and health and safety records. Vision Savure 3 (or the Trans Cam Savure) records 6 seconds of footage before a significant vibration and 10 seconds after of what the operator would have seen. Easily fitted behind the reversing mirror facing forward, the camera has a 160° viewing area and can save up to 10 clips for USB download to a media player.

At a time when companies are looking to minimise expenditure, Vision Savure provides a cost effective visibility solution. "Some Managers may believe they need to upgrade their truck fleets to include specialist equipment, or have their entire operation reconfigured either by altering the layout of the premises or the traffic flow, or by reducing the size of the loads transported" Paul explains. "By simply fitting an efficient and effective camera and monitor system to any forklift, the operator’s field of vision is instantly increased and onsite safety enhanced.

"Transmon camera solutions can help managers to run a more efficient operation, making the drivers more careful and accountable for their performance. They provide real-time results and the opportunity to understand why accidents and damage to stock, racking and the trucks may happen" he adds.
Both the Vision Savure and the Trans Cam Savure can be fitted to any truck within a day.

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