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Transmon Engineering develops Forklift truck travel speed solution Zone Speed Savure

Forklift truck travel speed can be a major contributor to transport related accidents in the workplace. To help companies control speed in specific areas, heightening safety without slowing down the entire operation, Transmon Engineering has developed the Zone Speed Savure.
"Limiting or controlling travelling speeds onsite not only heightens safety levels, it also helps to reduce fuel consumption and minimise damage to stock, racking or the equipment, enhancing overall cost efficiency" Paul Sercombe of Leicester based Transmon Engineering explains. "Larger operations often have various speed limits across one site, and require a speed control system that can be automatically triggered according to the truck’s position".
Transmon’s Zone Speed Savure uses RFID Active tags, which signal the speed limiter, only when required. A hard wired fixed proximity transceiver is fitted to the truck, which detects the RFID tags, strategically placed to create a low speed zone. On entering a restricted zone the speed limiter is activated and the truck speed is controlled. As the truck leaves the area, the driver has the option of selecting high speed mode, which means the operator is always in control and makes a conscious choice to select an appropriate speed. The Zone Speed Savure can help a site to adhere to safety regulations, without compromising productivity levels where a speed limit is not required.
This Zoning system is particularly useful for operations with pedestrianised areas, long distances to travel or for specialist applications that require minimal movement or activity around high risk products. It also reduces the level of speed supervision required, allowing both Managers and Operators to focus more on other important elements of the operation.
"Restricted speed enables a driver to concentrate on the operation and keep better control of the vehicle. It also enhances pedestrians’ safety around forklift trucks by allowing more time to avoid potential accidents" Paul continues. "The Zone Speed Savure brings the added benefit of sustained efficiency, and can in some cases enhance the level of productivity".
Implementing a speed restriction system can reduce the cost of operation, as consumable components such as tyres, brakes and engine suffer less wear and therefore require replacement less frequently. The reduction in fuel consumption is cost effective, also helping to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.
Transmon offers a complete range of speed control and speed limiting systems, including a Manual Speed Savure. When a truck enters a restricted zone, its speed is limited using a switch/release button or separate latching key switch by a supervisor.
The successful Speed Savure range addresses two key focuses that Operations Managers must consider; maintaining safety standards onsite and boosting efficiency. Systems are available off the shelf and can be fitted to any truck within a day. For more information visit www.transmon.co.uk

Visit www.transmon.co.uk

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