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Transmon Engineering helps cut costs from forklift truck tyre wear

There may be rumours of green shoots, but Operations Managers are still looking to cut as much cost out of their forklift truck operations as possible. Operators that spend excessively on forklift tyres may be pleased to learn about a small device from Transmon, that reduces tyre wear by up to 400%.

According to Transmon Engineering, up to 80% of tyre wear that occurs on a forklift truck is caused by wheel spin and directional change while moving. By fitting a small device known as Tyre Savure to the truck, overall tyre wear can be instantly reduced by 200 to 400%, dramatically increasing tyre life.

Any IC forklift truck with torque er transmission can benefit from Transmon’s Tyre Savure system, which prevents the operator from selecting drive mode, unless the road speed and engine speed are below acceptable limits. The tyres are therefore protected against the ongoing damage that can be caused by aggressive direction changes during movement and the resulting wheel spin.
Paul Sercombe, Sales Director of Leicester based Transmon Engineering says "Tyre Savure not only increases tyre life, but also helps to correct driving style, including habits that are sometimes picked up by operators. This contributes to a reduction in overall costs, with the system paying for itself in as little as six months".

This system helps to enhance onsite safety and reduces the possibility of damage caused to either the vehicle or to the stock that is being transported. Fuel consumption is also reduced by Tyre Savure, reducing further cost as well as emissions.

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