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Transport businesses in the retailing and wholesailing sectors

are increasingly attrated to the flexibility of the new 'moved4u.com' Gateway Delivery Service.

A WIDE RANGE of transport businesses in retailing and wholesaling have taken up the new 'moved4u.com' gateway delivery service, launched by Tamworth-based JDR DISTRIBUTION.

The service is a low-cost, simplified way to book and ship multi single-load pallet deliveries to customers in post codes, ranging from Lancashire in the north to Oxford in the south, and from Wales in the west to East Anglia in the east. It is obligation-free, accessible 24/7 and entails no contracts, no commitments and no minimum input, just a 'use-as-you-need' service, available either online or by telephone.

While JDR stress that 'moved4u.com' is not a pallet network, their research has shown that many transport businesses appreciate a less rigid, alternative option for some of their delivery schedules, and so welcome access to the 'moved4u.com' service, which is considerably more flexible, and therefore more cost-effective for them. Its ad-hoc availability provides them with a choice to channel some of their big-volume deliveries into multi single-load consignments to postcodes covered by the 'moved4u.com' service, and so reduce their costs.
Since its launch last year, 'moved4u.com' has enjoyed a dramatic take-up of its service by some of the biggest transport companies in the country, including Wincanton, DSV, Red Head International, Leach Distribution, Malcolm Logistics, Minor Weir & Willis and the METSEC Group. The feedback from these companies has been very positive.
Says md. Jarrod
Baughan: “moved4u.com' is proving to be a credible delivery gateway service, catering for any size and type of delivery. We are attracting a lot of interest from a diverse range of transport businesses, especially in retailing and wholesaling, who are simply looking for better ways of fulfilling their delivery commitments, at the right time and at the right price. The main attraction to them is that our service offers a seamless IT link, via online book-in and drop-off facility, with no constraints, and is totally flexible to meet their needs and those of their customers”

For further details, visit www.moved4u.com or contact Adam Gallonon 07989-357943
email: agallon@moved4u.com

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