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Transport industry leaders join forces to promote health and safety

"Load Safe/Road Safe" and "Transport Safety" written and published by HSL with the help of industry experts including Wincanton.

Two new guides have been published promoting health and safety "best practice" among professional drivers, particularly those in the road haulage and freight industries, and other operators.

The publications, "Load Safe, Road Safe" and "Transport Safety" have been produced by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), an agency of the Health and Safety Executive, with assistance from a number of organisations, including Wincanton, the UK’s leading provider of supply chain solutions.

Other groups which helped HSL with the guides include the Freight Transport Association, Road Haulage Association, Society of Motor Manufacturers, the Agricultural Lime Association and the Confederation of Paper Industries.

"Load Safe/Road Safe" and "Transport Safety", both authored by Nina Day, a senior engineer at the HSL, offer drivers and other operators information about good practice and assistance for complying with road and workplace legislation.

"We all understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace, particularly in sectors involving loading and transport, but sometimes the advice given can be fragmented and broad-brush," said Karen Roberts, who manages the development of HSL’s products.

"What we’ve done, in association with a true cross-section of the industry, is create something that draws together and harnesses all the known best-practice health and safety policies and procedures specifically for drivers and operators in this sector. It is also a timely reminder to the consignors of goods via road, that they have a part to play in the retention of the load, and cannot completely absolve themselves of this responsibility."

Dave Rowlands, Technical Services Director at Wincanton, said: "Although we operate in a competitive market when it comes to issues such as health and safety we are at the forefront of promoting good practice right across the industry, not just within our own business, so when we were asked to help with these new guides we were delighted to contribute."

He added: "I would urge people to take the time to read and absorb the information which the HSL has produced so that we can all assist in trying to make our industry safer."

The guides, "Load Safe/Road Safe" and "Transport Safety", are available to purchase direct from the HSL shop at www.hsl.gov.uk or from the Road Haulage Association at www.rhaonline.co.uk

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