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Transport operators need to clean up thier act

if they want to promote a green and clean image.

– Clean vehicles can have a positive impact on the bottom line says cleaning company executive. Maintaining a vehicle fleet that is both green and clean can make a positive difference to an operator's bottom line…

So says Gary Taylor a director of LPW Truckwash (MSA) who says customers are now demanding that their goods are carried in clean vehicles and consequently project a clean image.

“The pressure on operators is greater than ever in terms of increased overheads such as fuel and higher margins.

“A clean vehicle fleet can have a competitive edge for the operator when it comes to winning business. Image is now more important than ever and can mean the difference between winning or losing a contract.

“Transport operators are rightly becoming more focused on the appearance of their vehicle fleets.

“There is another obvious reason for maintaining a clean fleet and that is the driver attitude with regards to the way he treats the vehicle during working hours, if the vehicle is clean and well presented it will be handled with more care and therefore reduce the ongoing repairs bill which can become a significant part of the running cost of the fleet.

“The market for commercial vehicle cleaning is conservatively estimated at £25 million but there are still many companies who would rather have a dirty vehicle on the road than invest in the cost of maintaining a clean fleet.

“More and more customers are of course out-sourcing the task of keeping their vehicles clean. It is a sensible move that allows them to concentrate on their core business activities and enables them to budget a fixed cost for the job of keeping their vehicles in a clean condition with the benefit, in many cases of saving on overheads.

“Transport operations serving the food industry, whether in house vehicle fleets or the food logistics specialists maintain a strong reputation for cleanliness. Obviously where food is concerned health and safety implications are involved but in today's competitive marketplace a clean image outside reflects on the health of the company internally.

“It is obviously vital that operators moving customer's goods from A to B to their customers, project a good image. Cleaning a truck at least once a week at one of the growing number of Truckwashes at motorway service areas or through a mobile service, will at least help to ensure that operators are committed to 'delivering their customer reputations' as well as promoting their own images”.

Gary Taylor had the brainwave of launching a nationwide network of truckwash sites at motor service areas across the UK in order to enable vehicle fleets to stay clean no matter where their vehicles were travelling.

He launched his idea in front of millions of viewers on TV's popular programme 'Dragons Den' and attracted investment bids from four of the five Dragons.

However he decided that his idea was strong enough to stay independent and declined the Dragons offers, opting instead to merge with one of the UK's most established cleaning companies LPW Group to for LPW Truckwash.

In today's brand and image conscious world, the transport industry is in danger of tarnishing its image if it doesn't 'come clean' across all areas of the sector…

LPW Truckwash claims to provide the solution to the problem, offering a new innovative concept in professional and efficient truck washing through a network of Truckwash sites at motorway service areas (MSAs) across the UK.

For the first time fleet operators and haulage firms can have their vehicles cleaned through one experienced organisation at any time in nearly every area of the country.

Major motorway service chains including Road Chef and Welcome Break have already signed contracts with LPW Truckwash.com to have Truckwash facilities on their sites having been impressed by the track record and professionalism of the 35 year old LPW Group, one of the leading cleaning specialist organisations in Britain and discussions are taking place with MOTO.

During 2008, LPW Truckwash will be investing a seven figure sum to launch up to 100 new Truckwash sites at motor service areas across the UK. Thirteen have already been launched and a further 80 are scheduled to open over the next 18 months to two years.

In addition to opening a network of new Truckwash sites, the LPW Truckwash team are also hoping to expand the operation with several key initiatives including launching Truckwash sites at UK ports, a Truckwash membership scheme and the potential for car washes at motor service areas.

Gary Taylor commented: “The industry has been calling for a nationwide network solution to service the cleaning requirements particularly of national vehicle fleets.

“We are now providing that solution and major fleet operators and hauliers alike are excited by the obvious benefits of maintaining a clean image for their vehicles and also, particularly where food distribution is concerned, a good environmentally-friendly image.

“We are all very mindful these days of the green issue and cleaner vehicles on the road can only enhance their environmental friendly image of fleets.

“LPW Truckwash has made a substantial investment in this network of truck washing facilities at motor service areas across the UK. Our machines are the very best on the market in order to give a truck wash that is professional and efficient assisting operators by ensuring vehicles are swiftly cleaned without being held up in long queues.

“Truckwash is the way forward for operators who want their vehicles cleaned professionally and quickly whatever part of Britain their vehicles might be in. They also have the assurance that the service is backed by an organisation with over 35 years experience in the cleaning industry,” he added.

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