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Transwide solutions at the heart of managing transport for Blédina, France’s no. 1 in baby food

Blédina, the leading French manufacturer of baby food products for children from 0 to 3 years, has made significant efficiency gains across its entire supply chain, thanks to Transwide’s TMS (Transport Management System). The company introduced the SaaS offering from Transwide, the TMS solution from Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, to automate and improve its annual road transport flow of 20,000 shipping orders and secure the management of its freight activity.

With more than 100 years of expertise serving babies and parents, Blédina, part of the Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition division, pays great attention to continuously optimising its supply chain in order to ensure the best "service rate" to its international and national customers. These include hypermarkets and supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacists and other Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition companies worldwide.

Blédina selected Transwide’s on-demand solutions to standardise the management of its 40 carriers and to increase the strength of the freight plan for its five logistics sites, as well as the flow of supplies from its four production sites in France and Germany.

Xavier Cheynet, Supply Chain Manager for Blédina, explains: "Using Transwide’s solutions has enabled us to fundamentally rethink our transport organisation by favouring recentralisation for greater efficiency and reliability. The day-to-day management of transport and performance indicators proposed by Transwide have ensured that we can manage our transport network meticulously for our deliveries in France and abroad".

From planning carrier pick-ups to managing the transport plan
Blédina has used the twSlot module to schedule and automate its carrier pick-ups since 2012, to smooth out the arrivals and departures of trucks at its five logistics sites.

Quentin Bonnerot, Logistics Project Manager for Blédina, explains: "Transwide’s SaaS platform, a solution that is already used by major European manufacturers and which totally interfaces with our SAP ERP, appealed to us with its flexibility, its scalability, and the simplicity of its learning curve. The proof of this is that we were surprised by the speed with which our 40 carriers familiarised themselves with twSlot to arrange their pick-ups over the internet."

The results were almost immediate: carriers have improved in terms of punctuality and waiting times have been eliminated.
In 2013, Blédina extended its use of Transwide’s solutions to extend the automatisation of processes and carrier monitoring. The project set up dynamic carrier allocation and performance indicators over the entire transport chain in order to guarantee Blédina ‘flawless’ operational management, from planning to implementation through payment, with reliable carrier billing. At the start of 2014, Blédina acquired the twQuota/twSelect modules, for dynamic transport allocation, and twCall-off and twTrace, for a 360-degree view of transport, incident and dispute performance.

Automation of +90% of shipping orders and performance indicators for everyone’s benefit
Thanks to Transwide, Blédina currently manages all aspects of its transport management, which amounts to 20,000 shipping orders per year. More than 90% of shipping orders are now automated, freeing Blédina from administrative tasks. The same goes for the dynamic carrier allocation for flows upstream, which for Blédina ensures compliance with the transport plan predefined during the transport call-for-tender. Processes at all stages have been automated and therefore made more reliable, while ensuring 100% visibility of transport activity. A final, important, benefit for Blédina is its performance indicators, giving extremely compelling field data, and enabling rapid assessment of carrier performance. For the sake of transparency, Blédina sends these to its carriers so that they are made aware of possible improvements under their annual contract.

Xavier Cheynet concludes: "Apart from better management of our transport budget, which represents 50% of our logistics costs, using Transwide solutions means that we can evaluate the performance of our transport partners and track any incident or delay almost in real time. This is reflected in a significant improvement in our level of customer service with a drastic reduction of disputes and penalties."

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