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Tranzone aquires ISO 9001 certificate

Tranzone Logistics fzco, the subsidiary of Banaja Holdings, is the first and only specialized company in Jebel Ali Free Zone, U.A.E. to provide storage and handling services of medicines and all pharmaceutical and medical equipment and supplies. Storage and handling services are provided in a high – security environment for all storage areas inside the warehouses. A strict management of all products subject to continuous cooling maintains the quality of products from date received till shipping the same to clients. All these are performed in accordance with the quality standards Good Distribution Practices and Good Storage Practices (GDP and GSP).

The main objective of these Tranzone warehouses is to attract international pharmaceutical companies to establish regional distribution centers in Jebel Ali, enabling them to supply their clients in the Gulf States and Africa. These Tranzone facility is an extension of the strong ties Banaja Holdings/Tranzone has in Saudi Arabia that go back more than 60 years of working in the field of medicine storage and distribution for international manufacturers such as GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis and Roche.

Recently the International Organization for Standardisation awarded Tranzone fzco the ISO 9001 certification. The ISO series of international quality management standards and guidelines are a coveted and resounding acknowledgement of the company’s success in terms of quality management. The company also expects to be granted more quality certifications by the end of this year.

Jürgen Hirsch, General Manager of Tranzone, says: "We at Tranzone realize that a combination of high quality process standards and flexibility are imperative in the health care industry, and our ability to provide the best in addition to our knowledge and extensive know-how and experience in the region gives our clients absolute confidence in our services."

Tranzone clients enjoy a wide range of regional services in the Middle East and North Africa. Tranzone is one of the leading providers of specialized logistics services to third parties in health care industry and provide services such as shipment clearance, storage, distribution and freight.

CEOs and decision-makers of several big name pharmaceutical and medical supplies manufacturers have already expressed their keen interest in the company’s services.

The service portfolio provided by Tranzone make it a force to be reckoned with in the market. The warehouse was built and equipped with a storage capacity of 12,000 pallets. The warehouse is characterised by special features in terms of storage and handling medicines and medical supplies which ensure quality is optimal throughout:

Special cooling for each zone in accordance with the sensitivity of the stored product, along with a special cooling chamber designed for temperature – sensitive types (Temperature: 2-8 C)

Special areas for expired and damaged items, a separated area for returned items and another area for withdrawn and suspended items.

Ongoing recording and automatic tracking of temperature and humidity in all storage areas.

Guaranteed safe environment within the warehouse allowing only authorized personnel access to storage areas.

Reception and delivery area protected from outside weather conditions.

Specially designated storage areas and shelves for each client fully compliant with UAE national and international rules and regulations

An internationally featured computerised system to manage the warehouse operations controlling production batches and expiry dates as well as ensuring high level process transparency due to real time data capturing via RF scanning

Backup systems and procedures (IT, power, cooling etc.) to ensure smooth operation at any point of time

Tranzone provides a follow up process through the entire supply chain based on its excellent internet portal and additionally provided reports. Clients can access the portal through a web browser and all activities are controlled by the security module to ensure that users only have access to the data they are authorized to view.

Mr. Hirsch revealed Tranzone’s plans for expansion, saying: "Tranzone will be focusing on being the logistics provider of choice to go to in the MENA health care market, targeting selected clients in a specialized and sensitive market while continuing its partnership with its current blue chip clients." He added: "We are looking to reach 80 % of the warehouse’s storage capacity by 2012 and after achieving full capacity in 2013 we will add more storage capacity and we will extend our capabilities in freight forwarding and transportation network. We will also consider the feasibility of investing in land transportation assets to offer benchmark services for cross-border deliveries as well as local distribution."

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