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Tranzone Logistics secures new Glaxo Smith Kline contract

At the recent opening ceremony at their facility in Jebel Ali, Tranzone announced a new contract with Glaxo Smith Kline, a major player in the health care industry. Mr Aiman Hamadallah, Vice President Finance Banaja Holdings, Juergen Hirsch, General Manager Tranzone Logistics FZCO and Mr. Fouad Benghalem, SVP Middle East Africa of GSK, all made speeches before the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the GSK area inside the warehouse.

Tranzone Logistics fzco, a subsidiary of Banaja Holdings, is the first and only specialised company in Jebel Ali Free Zone to provide storage and handling services uniquely to the health industry.
At time of writing, Tranzone will be responsible for warehousing various GSK products for distribution to the Gulf and Near East region.

High priorities in GSK’s awarding of the lucrative contract to Tranzone were the top-of-the-range facilities available and back-up strategies to protect products at all times in all circumstances, the high quality management system and absolute confidence in their professionalism and ethics, these last two vital when they have a direct impact on health and life itself.

A spokesperson for Tranzone confirmed that GSK had very exacting standards in their quality department but that they (Tranzone) had met them all comfortably. Emphasis has also been placed on physical security such as access control and fire prevention and process quality. All GSK’s criteria were met, as well as the strict standards demanded by the UAE’s Ministry of Health. The spokesperson added that such criteria and strict standards were never viewed as a problem; quite the reverse, because of them, clients could be confident in the company’s self-imposed rigorous safety and good practice measures.

It would be fair to say that GSK, occupying a major part of Tranzone’s warehouse, will be responsible for contributing approximately 25% of their revenue in 2012. It also enhances the latter’s image and reputation in the market. While not the largest logistics service provider in terms of operations, they are fiercely proud of their professionalism, quality standards and flexibility.

Tranzone would be among the first to acknowledge that apart from the obvious financial returns, the new deal with GSK is good for their image and will bring about further recognition in the health care industry. GSK is a world-leading research based pharmaceutical and healthcare company with headquarters in the UK and to have their public confidence is seen as a major acknowledgement of Tranzone’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the region.

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