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Tristone loyalty initiative snapped up by customers

Tristone loyalty initiative snapped up by customers

Leading worktop supplier Tristone has seen its customers take advantage of its loyalty scheme launched in July last year. The innovative loyalty point system called Pallet Points, was designed to reward Tristone’s growing customer base and allow them to plan ahead for any projects they may have in mind, no matter how big or small.

The loyalty system rewards customers with ‘Pallet Points’ every time they purchase a sheet of Tristone, with each ‘Pallet Point’ worth £1. For example, 1 sheet of 12mm x 3680 x 760 would give you 3 ‘Pallet Points’. At the end of every month, all ‘Pallet Points’ accrued during that same month are presented as a voucher to the customer. These points are valid for one month and apply to all Tristone sheets. Howard Noh, Managing Director of Tristone says the popularity of Pallet Points is down to the rewarding structure for customers along with the simplicity of the scheme.

“To see our customers make use of their Pallet Points is a testament to how strong and rewarding the scheme is,” said Howard. “We’re delighted that so many have continued to see the benefits of the system, and as a result managed to improve their bathrooms and kitchens. We value our customers highly, so to give them something back and see them react to it so well is extremely pleasing.”

Manufactured by Lion Chemtech, a leading class product, Tristone’s acrylic solid surfaces offer both commercial and residential settings practicality along with a designer finish. With non-porous surfaces complete with bacteria and stain resistant technology, Tristone can withstand any busy family or workplace kitchen. What’s more, should the worktop be damaged the specially designed surfaces can be easily repaired as well as maintained.

Howard says the loyalty shown by Tristone’s customers is greatly appreciated, and says he looks forward to seeing an increase in the number of fabricators taking advantage of Pallet Points.

“Pallet Points is designed with our customers in mind, and the fact that so many have seen the positives of the scheme bodes well for the future of not only Tristone, but the ideas and ambitions for kitchens and bathrooms as well. We look forward to the day when all Tristone customers are using their Pallet Points to help people achieve the kitchen and bathrooms of their dreams,” concluded Howard.

Tristone offers a high quality finish and there are now over 30 colours of surfaces available in the UK. Tristone solid surfaces have been many designers first choice as it offers that high quality finish at a competitive, family.


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