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Troax fencing secures cargo handling system

at Japan Airlines Heathrow bonded warehouse. Wire mesh fencing supplied by Troax UK Limited has been installed to secure a cargo handling system and loading area at Japan Airlines' bonded warehouse near Terminal Four at Heathrow Airport. The security fencing, designed and supplied by Troax, was specified and installed by CDG Systems Limited as part of the CDG ETV (elevating transfer vehicle) cargo handling system within the warehouse.

Troax designed the wire mesh fencing system to completely enclose and secure the 3-level ETV cargo handling system within Japan Airlines' bonded warehouse where ULD (uniform load device) containers and aircraft pallets are stored.

Additional security was required for the area as part of an overall heightening of security at Heathrow and the fencing is designed both to secure items in the warehouse and to control access to the area.

The 4.4 metre high fencing (which measures around 50 metres in length) was constructed using Troax's Caelum modular, steel mesh partitioning, providing complete physical protection for the open loading and unloading area at the warehouse where containers are constantly transferred in and out of the storage area.

Large (between 3.8 metres and six metres in width) doors have been incorporated into the fencing as access points for the containers. Access to the area is restricted to authorised personnel who can gain entry using proximity card readers.

Caelum mesh panels were specified for the Japan Airlines project as they are designed to offer a high level of physical security; they are constructed from steel mesh welded to a tubular frame to give optimum strength between wire and tube. The panels incorporate specially designed horizontal tubes that give the panel additional strength while reinforcing and straightening the mesh, making mesh walls exceptionally strong and sturdy. Troax also manufactured some bespoke elements, including support posts which stabilise the structure.

Commenting on the project, Paul Coultish at CDG Systems said: “We've used Troax systems before so we knew that their fencing would meet our requirements. We found it easy and quick to install – its modular design and kit format make it very easy to put together. Troax's service was very good and prompt at all times. Our customer, Japan Airlines, is also very happy with the result – it meets their requirements exactly.”

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