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Truckprotect taking tough stance on Anti-Siphon copies

When copies of a product hit the market, a company knows it has got the competition worried.

But TruckProtect, the only European-based company offering a complete range of anti-fuel theft products to fit all makes and model of commercial vehicle, will not be sitting back.

To protect its business, TruckProtect has put in place a formidable number of European Registered Design Protections through the European Patent Office for its products as a whole and for characteristic elements such as the familiar inverted pyramid the InstantFit NECK-IT and the LoPro models.

The company warns that anyone manufacturing products to its protected designs will be subject to rigorous legal action.

And so that it can be fully conversant with any and all attempts to copy its products TruckProtect is asking its many of dealers and transport operators to report any approach or attempt to pass off an inferior product.

“Some may regard counterfeiting as a form of flattery but we do not,” says Russell Fowler, Chief Executive TruckProtect.

“Our devices work and are saving vehicle operators millions from fuel theft and as the price of fuel continues to rise, demand is extremely high.

“Anyone offered something that appears to be one of our anti-fuel theft devices or similar devices featuring our inverted cone even from established sources is asked to let us know, and can be assured we will instigate whatever level of pressure is needed to get the manufacturer to cease and desist.

“All our devices and their components are fully protected. Manufacturing copies of them is illegal,” he adds.

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