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Trumeter’s trulite technology Bernard Matthews case study

Trumeter was tasked with the replacement of an incumbent system in two cold storage chambers owned by Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd, with a focus on improving quality, reducing costs and lowering energy consumption, in line with the business’ CO2 reduction programme.

The UK’s largest turkey supplier processes over seven million birds annually and operates large cold storage facilities, incorporating lighting to reliably provide necessary illumination at temperatures as low as -26 degrees.

Two of these facilities, Coldstore 1 and Coldstore 2, housed a mobile racking system they hadn’t originally been designed to accommodate, requiring Trumeter to introduce a completely bespoke solution to improve the compromised visibility and lighting performance consistency.

The dated setup meant the 250W SON lowbays operated at -26 degrees for 24-hours-a-day and couldn’t be dimmed, reduced or even turned off, while forklift operator visibility was also hampered.

Other issues, including the existing arrangement’s continual maintenance requirement and the failure of the control gear to re-ignite when required, were addressed, starting with a trial of Trumeter’s revolutionary truliteTM technology.

An agreed three-month period to display the potential flexibility, precision and cost-saving potential of trulite in a cold storage environment was arranged, focussing on illuminating one aisle within Coldstore 1.

Positioned alongside the existing system to provide direct comparison between its superior performance and the inefficient 250W SON lighting, Trumeter’s TLC1100 product was configured to achieve optimum light output and energy consumption, monitored continually by Trumeter.

The technology’s unrivalled precision, based on electronics expertise developed in the cutting-edge automotive sector, allowed Trumeter’s professional team to examine, refine and develop the output performance to suit Bernard Matthews’ requirements exactly.

By incorporating such technological advances at the printed circuit board (PCB) design stage, the TLC1100’s cost-effective composition requires fewer components, reducing capital investment and generating savings for businesses such as Bernard Matthews.

From floor level to the top of the racking, illumination was maximised thanks to controlled light output over a 120-degree spread, made
possible by fully integrated drivers.

The TLC1100’s low-profile design, pre-drilled mounting points and robust construction make it a versatile installation option for several applications – particularly harsh cold-storage environments, where it operates at temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Controlled by sensors and consuming 50 percent less energy than conventional lighting, using the highest quality LM80 standard LED’s, trulite soon proved the perfect performance-raising, cost-reducing product for Bernard Matthews.

:Investment Repaid After 13.25 Months
:Consistent Performance at -40 Degrees
:Projected Savings Over £511,000 in Ten Years
:Carbon Saving of 175 Tonnes a Year
Contact: www.trumeter.com

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