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TT Express reduces theft risk with Masternaut trailer tracking

TT Express (TTX) is installing Masternaut self-powered Trailer Track units in its fleet of 175 trailers. The system will provide a live view of these expensive assets, locating all trailers at all times, and enabling TTX to optimise the use of the fleet. It will also help TTX to reduce its insurance costs as it provides an always-on security solution. This prevents hijacking, general trailer theft and losses and helps with securing high-value goods.

Trailer Track will also help reduce the cost and size of the trailer fleet and will also eliminate ad-hoc trailer hire by instantly locating available, unused trailers. This will be a major saving for TTX as the cost of a single trailer starts at around £15,000; and, hiring charges are upwards of £100 per week for one trailer.

Based on trusted Masternaut web-based satellite tracking, Trailer Track is easily installed and requires no external power source – the built-in battery will give up to three years use using its innovative battery management technology. In addition, the system can be configured to run on predefined days and times.

"Trailer Track is an ideal solution for trailer management, particularly as we have the benefit of Masternaut vehicle tracking already. The system updates automatically enabling us to see all of our trailers at any time, whether in use or empty. We will be able to pinpoint locations of stationary units and reduce the number we have in circulation. It will ensure we are getting full value from each trailer by maximising the use of the entire fleet. The added security it provides helps to save on insurance costs and it gives added peace of mind to our customers," says Peter Shepherd, TTX’s General Manager.

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