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Two joints give AL-VAC a positive advantage

Vacuum lifting equipment specialist AL-Vac’s new floor-mounted unit has two clear and significant advantages over its nearest rivals. It can rotate through 360 degrees and its lifting capacity is well beyond the standard 25kg required to handle conventional plastic and paper sacks used in many applications within UK process industries.

The vacuum in the Two-Joint Swing Arm unit is generated by an electrically-driven vacuum pump and travels through the inside framework of the machine before entering the concertina-style lifting cylinder. The vacuum then provides the lifting and suction power for the unit to move sacks, boxes, rolls, construction parts and other bulky items. In the unlikely event of a power failure, the unit has a safety feature which causes the concertina tube to lose vacuum power first, allowing the unit’s load to be laid down before the vacuum head releases it.

Continuous rotation is made possible by the joint at the top of the unit’s upright post, allowing 360 degrees rotation where other machines can only manage 270 degrees. This gives the unit greater flexibility in manoeuvring, particularly if it is to be used in a number of different locations. Whilst the machine can be bolted directly to the floor, potential uses are significantly increased by its ability to be moved around easily within a factory.

The Two-Joint Swing Arm unit is moved into place by a forklift or pallet truck and then connected to the power supply. An integral vacuum pump starts only when the green button on the control box is depressed and the vacuum tube then lifts to its maximum height. When the operator grips a control bar above the vacuum head, the vacuum is expelled, allowing the tube to lengthen. Once the head is above the load to be lifted, it is lowered and pressed lightly onto the top of the load. As the control lever is released, the vacuum head grips the load and lifts it. The height of lift can be simply controlled by finely adjusting the control bar during the manoeuvre.

Loads can be placed into the required position – for instance, over a hopper or onto a conveyor belt or work station – with great precision, thanks to the two joints in the swing arm. The control bar again governs the lowering of the load which can then be released by the vacuum head.

AL-Vac¡¯s standard unit has an outreach of 2500mm, which can be increased to 3000mm if required. Standard lift height is 1750mm and again this can be increased if necessary to suit customers¡¯ requirements. The unit can be specified with either a single-phase or three-phase motor.

The complete AL-Vac range includes floor-, ceiling- and forklift-mounted lifters for both industrial and construction applications. With a variety of different reaches and lifting capacities up to five tonnes, the product range has been designed to meet most needs in demanding working environments. Contact Colin Harper AL-Vac UK 0870 241 8772.

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