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Two Konecranes forklifts reach 38,000 hours of unfailing service in most challenging conditions

Two Konecranes forklifts are still going strong after clocking up 38,000 operating hours in one of the most demanding environments in the United Kingdom.

The 32 tonne Konecranes forklifts, supplied by Cooper SH, have proved their worth to PD Logistics over the last eight years. The usual primary life of such frontline machines is typically 15-20,000 hours.

PD Logistics needed strong and reliable machines to handle heavy and long lengths of steel section in the face of challenging conditions, and in all weathers at Tata Steels Lackenby Works on Teeside.

Arthur Haigh, Contract Manager at PD Logistics, explained: "Strength and reliability were key for this operation. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and need to meet tight deadlines to meet customer needs.

"The rigorous conditions that the forktrucks work in meant we needed trucks that could adapt to these conditions and still remain operational throughout,"

The Konecranes forklifts were tailored to meet PD Logistics needs and exceeded the standard economic lifespan due to their design specification and build strength.

Peter Astley, Sales Manager at Cooper SH explains: "It is typical that machines are retired to less demanding roles after 15,000 hours. However, these machines have been operating over made-up ground, handling long loads on forks in a varying environment.

"There remains no sign of the machines slowing up either – they are still working as hard today, at well over 4,000 hours per year, as they were when they first arrived. This would be impressive anywhere but especially here with the load lengths and the most severe conditions."

The trucks were based on the latest technology when they were built, with innovative solutions including load sensing hydraulics and a full box section chassis which increases the performance and safety of the trucks.

"The Konecranes machines have provided an efficient and reliable service over the past eight years and continue to do so. Despite tough conditions and with every lift close to maximum lift, repairs have been minimal," continues Arthur Haigh.

PD Logistics’ total fleet of SMV’s includes four SMV 16 tonne machines and two SMV 32 tonne machines.

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