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Two specialist goliath cranes designed and built by KONECRANES UK for Costain Ltd

Have been supplied to the Riverside Resource Recovery Ltd, Energy from Waste Facility Project at Belvedere, London. A further four specialist cranes are also being delivered to Von Roll for waste and ash/residue handling along with four standard cranes and numerous hoists.

The two Goliaths are operating on the newly custom built quay and the other process cranes are automated waste and ash/residue handling cranes for operation inside the waste facility.

The Goliaths are 25t capacity (under the spreader frame) cranes, used for handling 20′ loaded and unloaded waste containers from barges on the Thames where the containers are then moved in and out of the main waste building to be emptied of waste into a reception pit and is then handled by the KONECRANES automated waste handling cranes to feed the incinerator to be ignited for creating heat through a boiler to create steam to power the generator. These cranes are rated for near continuous duty at A8/M8 classification.

Delivery of the Goliath cranes required specialist planning and logistics due to their size and weight and involved shipping the massive beams by barge from the north side of Thames (Tilbury) to the project location due to the access roads not being suitable for the 40m long girders.

This planning also involved special preparation on the quay for a 250t mobile crane where special mats were constructed to spread the load across the main quay strength points. The mobile crane had to be reduced in weight by taking off all ballast and fly jib to reduce the axle load on the main link bridge onto the jetty, then once the mobile crane was on the quay the ballast was delivered by truck and re-assembled to the mobile crane.

In readiness for the beams, the huge legs of the Goliath cranes were erected into position and held in place by heavily weighted anchors and fixed stays from the quay floor. Due to water on both sides of the quay fixed stays are used from one side only. Thereafter, the 40m long crane beams were raised by mobile crane into position and assembled to the legs.

The cranes are equipped for a 6Kva High Tension power supply, this high voltage is then fed into an HT transformer on each crane via a motorized cable drum, where we step it down to 415v then it goes to our control system to power the crane motions. The cranes have KONECRANES DynA Inverter on all motions + ESR (Extended speed range) on the hoist plus DynAReg Network braking where we take the energy normally lost in resistance banks during the lowering motion and feed it back into the network/grid to reduce running costs and conserve energy and KONECRANES unique DynAPilot control for anti-sway where the load stability is controlled and monitored without operator intervention.

All electrical control panels are housed in an air conditioned E-house mounted on the cranes, allowing good access for maintenance and service whatever the weather. The cranes have condition monitoring, PLC control; overload protection, festooned cross crane cables, top mounted maintenance crane that is permanently positioned across the girders where the trolley can be positioned under the maintenance crane for quick and easy repairs.

The cranes have air conditioned cabins which travel with the main trolley allowing the operator full visibility over the rotational spreader frame for attaching and unlatching containers on the barges and delivery trucks.

The cranes are 10m span with 2 x 11.5m effective cantilevers on either side to allow picking and dropping of containers to any side of the jetty.

Other features are: automatic storm locks, wind speed indication, aircraft warning lights (cranes are close to London City airport), river navigation lights, lightning conductors, stainless steel machinery/motor guards, heavy duty paint system giving a C5 paint finish for 15 years lifetime, heavy duty galvanized cable trays, stainless steel cables ties with plastic coating, galvanized stairs and walkways, true vertical lifting, access lighting, emergency escape harness for the drivers, hydraulic end of travel and traverse buffers, anti-collision between cranes, end of travel and cross travel limit switches, main hoist service and ultimate limit switches, slack rope supervision, grouped lubrication points on each side of the crane and the trolley, travel and manual warning alarms (horns), and encoders on each motion for positioning.

Cranes were ordered by Costain Construction Ltd (they are the main civil contract actually employed by VON ROLL who bought the waste cranes from us direct) in January 2009 and delivered in January/February 2010. The main Waste and Ash Cranes were ordered in September 2008 and delivery commenced in October 2009.

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