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Tydenbrooks’ Krateus powered by Lojack SCI looks to transform global supply chain security and monitoring

Partners combine 140+ years of supply chain security innovation with the most trusted name in in-transit cargo tracking and recovery to launch the world’s most advanced solutions for freight protection.

TydenBrooks, the world’s oldest and most innovative source of supply chain security solutions, and LoJack SCI, the global leader in supply chain monitoring and loss prevention services, have launched TydenBrooks’ Krateus, powered by LoJack SCI – the most sophisticated, customizable, and reliable electronic tracking system for cargo-in-transit available anywhere in the world. TydenBrooks’ Krateus, powered by LoJack SCI, is a reusable, electronic monitoring device that detects and prevents tampering, monitors precise location and conditions, and alerts cargo and freight owners when deviations occur.

Officially launched this autumn to widespread acclaim at ASIS 2014 in Atlanta, USA, Krateus was named winner of the ASIS 2014 Accolades People’s Choice Award.

TydenBrooks’ Krateus powered by LoJack SCI communicates directly with shipment owners via GSM cell and assisted GPS from the most desolate or developed areas globally. When combined with high-security-compliant security bolt seals, TydenBrooks’ Krateus powered by LoJack SCI protects and tracks cargo to the trailer, container, and shipment level. When coupled with ZigbeeTM devices and other customizable, clandestine settings and placements, TydenBrooks’ Krateus powered by LoJack SCI can protect and monitor cargo location and condition to the item or carton level.

In-transit cargo monitored globally and protected by TydenBrooks’ Krateus is tracked 24/7/365 by the supply chain security experts at LoJack Supply Chain Integrity at their central command and control centre. In addition, for shipments in-transit in the US and certain other regions, law enforcement is notified and deployed immediately to intervene and retrieve cargo that deviates from its prescribed route or condition. This solution also provides a level of business intelligence and insight into extended supply chains previously unavailable.

“TydenBrooks has been in the business of supply chain and cargo security innovation since 1873. It’s exciting to be bringing Krateus to market – especially when our partner is of the caliber and reputation of LoJack SCI. While Krateus and our services represent a natural evolution for both partners, it’s a tremendous feeling to write a new chapter in supply chain security with the latest technologies available.”
Ralph Mallozzi, VP, Global Sales & Marketing, TydenBrooks.

TydenBrooks’ is the world’s oldest and largest provider of innovative freight and transportation security solutions, including indicative seals, cable seals, bolts, tapes, labels, and locking devices. Founded in 1873, TydenBrooks is the global leader in innovation and reliability for all customized, regulatory compliant solutions to track, trace, and authenticate shipments requiring the highest degree of security. For more information, visit www.tydenbrooks.eu

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