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Swedish TYRI Revolutionising Heavy Vehicle Lighting worldwide launch of TYRI INTELLi light

TYRI Revolutionising Heavy Vehicle Lighting– worldwide launch of INTELLilight™

TYRI, the world leader in heavy vehicle lighting, is now launching a brand-new heavy vehicle lighting system – TYRI INTELLilight™. This intelligent lighting system works on a similar principle to a wireless mesh network: the lights are interconnected via Bluetooth in a closed network, which is integrated with the vehicle, and then easily controlled via an app. The lights are zoned according to the work situation, external circumstances, and the current user, and all information is saved.

TYRI Christian Wadell and Lia Fernandez
TYRI Christian Wadell and Lia Fernandez

“TYRI INTELLilight™ improves the entire work environment for operators. You get personalised lighting that acts according to each unique situation. Furthermore, you can easily dim the lighting and adjust the colour temperature from warm yellow light to cold blue light. If you choose to integrate sensors into the system, the lighting itself will increase the comfortability by ensuring that the lights perform the desired actions in different situations. For example, by dimming the light when the vehicle’s own lighting dazzles the operator, or when passing another vehicle. A radio-controlled system also allows the lights to be switched on and off from a distance for increased safety,” says Christian Wadell, Head of Research & Development at TYRI Sweden.

TYRI constantly keeps an ear to the market in order to remain at the forefront and offer sought-after products and services. Because TYRI has proprietary research and development in Sweden, new technologies can be rapidly developed and tested.

“We developed TYRI INTELLilight™ to be able to cope with the demanding work done by heavy vehicles and to tackle many of the challenges associated with lighting in tough conditions. Simplicity was also an important parameter in the development, and since the system can be controlled via an app (iOS and Android), the lights can quickly be zoned and rezoned according to the requirements of the work. At the same time, we wanted a system that would deter theft of the lights, which we achieved through each light needing to be connected to the closed network in order to function,” says Wadell.


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