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UK Powertech launch new water de-ioniser system

UK Powertech One Stop Shop Solution, specialist supplier of battery accessories for the maintenance and servicing of forklift trucks, has launched, as a major part of it’s range, PURAFLO, a new water de-ionising system. All battery operated machinery such as fork lift trucks require a regular battery maintenance programme to ensure a cost efficient trouble-free operation. As a very important part of this maintenance it is recommended that water levels should be checked every couple of weeks and topped up when necessary. The quality of the water used in this process is also a major factor in prolonging the life and efficiency of the battery to ensure the electrolyte levels and acid sg’s are kept at the correct levels.

Commented MD, Mark Rigby
"There are very few areas in the UK that can provide the quality of water on tap so water de-ionisers are key to successfully maintaining batteries. We decided to manufacture our own product so we could guarantee that what we are offering our customers is of the same high quality as the rest of the battery accessories we sell"

PURAFLO has been designed and is manufactured in the UK by UK Powertech and subject to the same rigorous quality control as all their specialist battery components they manufacture and supply. It is competitively priced and replacement cartridges and parts are available as off-the-shelf components and part of the One-Stop-Shop range.

UK Powertech stocks ALL battery related parts and by purchasing in volume they can offer a better price than their competitors plus a much faster delivery time. This gives service companies responsible for keeping UK’s forklift fleets operational a more cost efficient way to obtain battery parts. Special parts can be manufactured in house and produced within three days.

Buying direct from the manufacturers, UK Powertech offers a complete range of accessories, including Intercell connectors and Take off’s, plugs and sockets and battery watering systems, which includes a battery operated watering cart and pressure bottle to feed the system, battery monitoring accessories and the special connectors as well as cable, lugs, heat- shrink etc.

The Company is a distributor for approved component suppliers to the battery industry which includes Frötek GmbH, Batterie Fullungs Systems GmbH (BFS), Rema and Abertax Technologies.

UK PowerTech Ltd
Unit 11 Countess Street,
Ashton Under Lyne,
OL6 6UE,
Tel: +44 (0)161 343 7606
Fax: +44 (0)161 331 9840
Email: info@ukpowertech.com

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