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Ukrainian Joint Implementation projects gain traction

Carbon Capital Markets receives host country approval for Ukraine JI project. London – Carbon Capital Markets has received Host Country Approval (HCA) for a Joint Implementation (JI) project in Ukraine.

The Yalta and Alushta landfill gas utilisation project is the first Ukrainian JI landfill gas project to be fully developed under the new Ukrainian DNA – the National Environmental Investment Agency – which replaced the old Ukrainian DNA in April 2008.

The project received investment from the Carbon Assets Fund (CAF), a €40 million fund focused on investments into emissions reduction projects and managed by Carbon Capital Markets.

Lionel Fretz, Chief Executive of Carbon Capital Markets, said: “The first JI project from the Ukraine was accepted by the JI Supervisory Committee, a UNFCC regulatory body, in March 2007. As there are so few listed JI projects, the Yalta and Alushta development will provide a model for future sustainable development and waste management in the country. ”

The project will capture and flare landfill gas generated from two landfill sites located to the south of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine. By capturing the landfill gas, emissions of methane – a gas with a global warming impact 21 times higher than CO2 – will be reduced, local environmental impacts improved and operational safety of the site increased.

The project is expected to generate over 200,000 Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) or the reduction of approximately 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) per annum during the period 2009-2012. At a later stage, some of the captured landfill gas from the project may also be utilised for power and heat production to cover the electricity and heat production requirements of the sites themselves.

Wider environmental benefits include a reduction in ground water pollution and an improvement in air quality through the reduction of obnoxious smells inside and outside the landfill areas.

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