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UKs Light Commercial Vehicle fleet could save GBP 3.4billion in road fuel, says Lysanda

Businesses that run HGV, LCV or car fleets could be saving hundreds of pounds in fuel per vehicle by adopting intelligent technology and changing driving habits, according to powertrain software specialist Lysanda. The company has just road-tested its Eco-Log technology in the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Marathon, the annual event that champions the most fuel efficient vehicles, and confirmed significant savings on published MPG figures.

Eco-Log Metro comprises a simple display installed in the vehicle, which is plugged into the car or van’s diagnostic system via the vehicles own on-board diagnostic port. Information from the vehicle’s powertrain is used to derive the vehicle’s fuel use and carbon emissions. This clever technology provides the driver with real time feedback to improve the efficiency of their driving and reduce wasted fuel. Valuable data is also fed back via the mobile phone network, allowing the fleet manager to remotely review the behavior of their fleet and identify areas of improvement.

Based on the results gained at the 2009 MPG Marathon, which took place in Coventry on 30thSeptember and 1st October, Lysanda calculates that a fleet of 200 vans doing 20,000 miles per year could save over £195,000 per year by adopting new technology and altering their driving habits.

Ruth Dixon, Operations Manager at Lysanda, explains: "During the two day MPG Marathon, we ran a Mercedes Benz Vito 111 CDI, with a 2.2 litre diesel engine. While the official combined MPG figure given in the handbook is just over 34, we achieved an independently verified figure of 53.9 miles per gallon, using the Eco-Log technology. This is a fuel saving of 35% compared to the maufacturer’s figure. Assuming an average annual mileage of 20,000, the amount saved per van by better driving, would be in the region of £975 per year, easily paying for the Eco-Log technology inside of year one.

"Taking this on a UK wide scale makes an even greater impact. If we assume there are approximately 3.5m light commercial vehicles on Britain’s roads, then more efficient driving could save UK plc a staggering £3.4bn in fuel bills. While this only includes figures for LCVs, and not company cars or heavy goods vehicles, the potential total savings that the UK could make via the adoption of more efficient driving is huge."

She continued: "I have to stress that these MPG figures have been achieved on normal road conditions – driving across the Midlands on both rural and urban routes – using the Eco-Log system to encourage sensible driving. It is also worth adding that over the two day Marathon, we used two drivers; one experienced in driving with the system, while the other was a 22 year old graduate, who had never driven a van before. This shows that the Eco-Log system can deliver great results, even with inexperienced drivers who have not had any training.

"In today’s tough economic climate, businesses need to exploit all the cost savings they can. And this is one potentially massive saving fleets can make, while improving their environmental credentials. The use of our technology not only saves fuel, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, thus helping to support organisations’ CSR objectives."

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