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Ultimate safety with the RUD Tool-Mover manipulation device for safe handling

The innovative Tool – Mover is one of RUD’s latest innovations, a manipulation device for the safe turning and tilting of heavy and awkward plant items such as plastic injection moulding tools.

The Tool-Mover offers many optimal safety features due to its innovative product benefits. It turns the load at the centre of gravity which means that the load is turned very smoothly and securely. The Tool-Mover is equipped with a frequency controlled drive which ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and it can be stopped in any position securely even if power to the unit is cut.

Handling and turning of heavy injection moulding tools can be a dangerous job without the right equipment causing risk to the operators and damage to the costly tools if they are not turned effectively. The Tool-Mover offers many safety and handling advantages ensuring that the handling and tilting of heavy and sensitive injection moulding tools are moved safely and securely therefore reducing costs due to damaged tools and improving the safety of the operator.
The Tool-Mover is easy to use and position as it does not need to be bolted to the floor, it can be moved to locations in a facility by a crane or fork lift/pallet truck. It is able to turn injection moulding tools with a weight starting from 6.3 tonnes, to 10t, 16t, 20t to our largest 32tonnes.

Tools can easily be cleaned on the table due to its low platform height. The Tool-Mover is covered with polyurethane plates which help to preserve the tools. Providing standard and tailored solutions to meet even the most demanding environments, RUD help to deliver applications that are catered to your requirements and project aims.

RUD Chains Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel chains and components for applications in mechanical engineering, hoisting, conveying and drive systems. With over 140 years of expertise to draw upon, you can be confident in the standard of RUD products.

For more information please call 01227 276 611 Email: Katie.crane@rud.co.uk or visit www.rud.co.uk

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