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UN Approval for Dolav Ace is Brexit Proof

UN approval for Dolav Ace is Brexit Proof

For UK waste and recycling, Brexit either way, does not change the Dolav Ace’s ‘UN Approved’ status. The Dolav Ace is UN Approved packaging for the transport of dangerous goods. Brexit is not planned to affect UN approval in the UK. That is good news for the lead-acid battery recyclers who dubbed this Dolav plastic pallet box, ‘The Battery Ace’. Other recyclers recognise the box that can handle lead-acid batteries and contain strong sulphuric acid, is safe and strong for the materials they are recycling. That really is the acid test.

At the UK’s largest battery recycler G & P Batteries, part of Ecobat, Operations Manager, David Brookes said, “We use Dolav bins because they are UN Approved and leak proof.” In Spain, Recobat’s David Calleja said, “Dolav Ace lasts three-times longer.”

Abuse testing by TÜV SÜD of the Ace is also Brexit proof. Dropped, crushed, spiked and rotated. That is what testing organisation, TÜV SÜD Product Service did to the Dolav Ace and competitive plastic pallet boxes to see how they compared. The Dolav Ace out-performed the competition. It is Abuse and Brexit Ready!


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