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Understanding the Market and Supply Chain for Northern Devon Fisheries

ABPmer, a leading marine environmental consultancy, has been commissioned by the Northern Devon Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) to understand the current supply chain for fish landed in Northern Devon and explore new potential markets.

The study will look at the existing supply chain and market for locally-caught fish, to identify where and to what extent value is added along the supply chain.

The aim is to identify how to increase the benefits derived from locally caught fish, how to develop the Northern Devon market for fish and what barriers exist to achieving this.

Stephen Hull, Technical Director, said: "As an island nation fishing has always been and will continue to be, vital to food security and to our economy so we are especially delighted to be undertaking this piece of work.

During November the study team will be contacting fishermen, processors, distributors, hotels, restaurants and other fish retailers in the region to explore ideas. A survey will be used to understand how fish and shellfish are currently sold and to where as well as to answer questions relating to barriers to market and distribution generally."

ABPmer provides specialist scientific advice and environmental services across the maritime sector. The company has undertaken studies on the distribution and economic value of fishing.

For further information about the study call 01237 426426 or email flag@northdevonplus.co.uk

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