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Union Industries leads the way in combating supply chain issues

Union Industries leads the way in combating supply chain issues

Union Industries, the Leeds-based manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, has increased its stock levels even further to allow minimal lead times for production of its door range and replacement parts.

The driver behind this has been the 12% increase Union has seen in orders from companies looking to replace foreign made doors.

A common problem with some manufacturers of fast rolling shutter doors is the lack of spare or replacement parts with many having particularly long lead times – one recent customer citing 21 weeks for spares to arrive into the UK from Germany. This problem has been increasing in recent years due to factors such as Brexit with some doors installed in the UK manufactured in Europe, it leads to both new and replacement parts being harder to source.

However, Union Industries prides itself on its low lead time and ensures there are sufficiently high stock levels to manufacture a minimum of 25 doors at any one time. Stock is replenished daily and spare parts for standard door servicing are always readily available for immediate dispatch.

Parts that require more bespoke manufacturing can be entered into production within a matter of days, meaning that disruption can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Union’s Operations Director, Tony Metcalfe said “We have seen an increase in orders to replace foreign import doors in the UK which this is mainly down to the long lead times for spares and repairs, along with more demand for our reliable and British manufactured doors.”

“We maintain high stock levels to ensure we have a consistently efficient service line and can deliver replacement parts to our customers within 24 hours of the initial order in many cases.

Alan Hirst, Sales Director, Union Industries said “Our business has always tailored itself to the needs of our customer base. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers’ challenges are and helping them with the right solution, so this is a fantastic example of how Union Industries is yet again leading the way in the supply chain.

“We are proud to be a British manufacturer of robust and reliable industrial rapid roller doors that have the most minimal downtime due to the quality of the design and build as well as our ability to service and replace parts rapidly.”

More about Union Industries

From its origins as a tarpaulin maker and repairer, Leeds-based Union Industries manufactures a range of industrial products, including its market-leading range of High Speed Industrial Rapid Roller Doors that are commonly regarded as the best in industry. The current range includes the Ramdoor, Bulldoor, Matadoor, Lion Door, Picadoor and the unique Eiger Freezer Door.

These fast-acting doors are installed in distribution centres, warehouses, factories and storage facilities to improve logistics and save heat loss for companies across the UK and Europe. Its portfolio of clients includes Tesco, Cummins, ASDA, TRW, Lidl, Jaguar Land Rover and Bidvest Foodservice.

Union Industries also has a range of Industrial Curtain Systems and Fabric Enclosures, which are used in factories to prevent heat loss, and to help contain dust & toxins in order to stop cross contamination.

In 2015 its founders, Paul and Isobel Schofield, took the decision to safeguard the future of the company in Leeds, by selling their majority share to the Union Industries Employee Ownership Trust.

Under Union Industries’ Employee Ownership scheme, every employee is awarded an equal share of the business. New starters who join the company are also given shares after 12 months of employment.

Although Union Industries has always boasted a committed workforce, becoming Employee Owned has further empowered its team; everyone now also has an added financial incentive as a result of an annual tax-free bonus.


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