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Union Industries static enclosure

Union Industries is keeping dust locked in at a state-of-the-art recycling plant in London with the installation of a specialist enclosure.

The Leeds-based company has installed a 2,400 square metre Static Screened Enclosure to prevent dust from Bywaters' plasterboard recycling process escaping into other areas of its facility in Bow, East London.

It is crucial for Bywaters to create effective containment of dust to allow the company to carry out other activities within the Docklands-based building including vehicle maintenance and fabrication work

Bywaters is an ever expanding enterprise and a leader in the recycling and waste management sector. The company works with over 2,000 customers in London and the South East and employs over 240 people.

As part of their forward thinking brief the Bywaters' project team, headed up by Ian Jones, wanted the enclosure to be designed so that it could be easily relocated to different sites with minimal alteration or fuss, as and when required.

Measuring 15 metres high and with a perimeter of 160 metres and a footprint of 40 square metres, the enclosure is constructed using heavy duty PVC-coated Polyester with a high gloss easy-clean surface finish.

It is manufactured in handle-able 6.6m wide x 15m high sections, joined with double interlocking staple and eye 'V' joints to form a dust proof seal between the sections. 'U' Zip Entry Doors are set into each of the walls. Three off Emergency Crash Fire Doors have been supplied for the safety of personnel working inside the enclosure.

Access for the vehicles carrying the scrap plasterboard for processing and taking away the recycled material is through 2 pairs of 6m wide Tensioned Mobile Curtains that create an 'IN' and an 'OUT' Airlock Vestibule.

The enclosure is supplied by Union Industries' General Trading Division and designed by its Environmental team, which have been providing flexible moving wall solutions for the last 20 years servicing food processing, furniture manufacture, foundries and the aerospace industry.

Isobel Schofield, Managing Director of Union Industries, said: “Our Static Screened Enclosure is the perfect solution for dust containment. It has meant that normal activities in the 187,500 sq ft building have not been compromised by the introduction of the recycling plant and the installation has enabled the most efficient use of the available space.

“The enclosure we have manufactured for Bywaters demonstrates the scope of our engineering capability and the versatility of our products. Not only is our enclosure a third of the price of a permanent steel partition, but the fabric wall sections can also be easily dismantled and adapted for relocation to another site or factory to meet changing production needs.”

Ian Jones, Bywaters' Business Operations Manager, said: “We have been impressed with the fabric enclosure as it offers us an effective solution for dust containment. In addition with the company's plans for growth and expansion the ability to increase the size of the enclosure or move it to larger premises represented a very important long term commercial advantage which we could not ignore.”

For more information click on www.unionindustries.co.uk

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