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Unisys utilises the ByBox pre 8am locker service

Information Technology (IT) is now the backbone for almost every business in the UK. So it is essential that in the event of any problems or downtime, company systems are back up and running as soon as possible. Speed of response is critical. Unisys is a company that prides itself on resolving IT issues as quickly as possible for some of the biggest brands in the UK; to make sure it does just that, it is utilising a bespoke service offered by supply chain specialists ByBox.

Unisys offers a portfolio of IT services, software and technology to solve mission-critical problems for its clients worldwide. Any downtime in a company’s IT system can prove costly as outages can lead to lost revenue, drops in productivity or reputational damage to the company’s brand. Therefore, Unisys engineers are constantly working against the clock to restore business-as-usual for its customers.

With a team of engineers on hand to deal with a whole range of IT emergencies up and down the UK, no two days are ever the same for Unisys. The need to get spare parts into the field as efficiently and swiftly as possible is essential if it is to maintain the level of service for which it is renowned. Therefore, the company needed a distribution system which allowed its engineers to receive the equipment they needed before they started their day’s work.

However, the more traditional delivery methods were too slow, inefficient and dated to cope with the demands of the modern-day business. An engineer sitting at home or in the office waiting for the necessary parts to be delivered or travelling miles to pick up parts from a depot was not a cost-effective model. To optimise its operations, Unisys required a reliable solution that allowed its engineers to start work equipped with the right parts for each job. This would ensure minimal downtime for each client and increased productivity for Unisys’ team of engineers as they could resolve more jobs per day.

Through its network of lockers, situated in petrol stations, supermarkets, sports grounds, fire stations and a whole array of other convenient locations across the country, ByBox delivers parts before 8am, ready for engineers to collect before they start their day. With a 99.77% first-time pre 8am delivery success rate the service is one of the most reliable in the UK and ensures little or no disruption to an engineer’s schedule.

To make the process even easier for Unisys, ByBox has developed an option whereby the company can choose to have parts sent to the locker which is nearest to a customer site. Any Unisys engineer can then pick up the parts needed for a job easily and conveniently on their way to visit a customer. This means if the assigned engineer cannot complete the job, another engineer can pick up the required parts and complete it with no fuss.

Additionally, ByBox’ unique Thinventory™ IT platform offers complete supply chain management. It can produce accurate reports on all aspects of deliveries and returns via the ByBox website in real time – whether customers want to track parts, view calls logged with the call centre, check the status of deliveries, monitor return and repair or manage the schedules of the engineers in the field.

Malcolm Wakeling, UK Logistics Manager for Unisys, said: "Unisys has worked with ByBox for more than 12 years now, due to the ongoing high level of performance in an industry whereby performance and customer satisfaction is of a high. ByBox offers us variable solutions in line with our business needs, relating to on-time delivery and a returns process that supports our service supply chain of field parts.

"Our team in the field like using ByBox because of the flexibility it offers. They can visit their exchanges to collect or drop off items at any time of day. It also helps us with the supply chain of field parts, as getting defective parts back into the supply chain for repair as soon as possible means less replacement parts having to be purchased."

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