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United Wholesale first in Scotland with New Ordering Technology from STL

Free Offer to 30 Customers. United Wholesale (Scotland) is the first wholesaler in Scotland to purchase two new ordering solutions from STL, the fastest growing developer of IT solutions for the wholesale sector. UW(S) will install STL’s online ordering system, Order Wizard, and also provide key-fob sized scanners to UW(S) customers, to facilitate ‘on demand’ ordering.

United Wholesale (Scotland) is the premier Cash & Carry operator in Scotland, trading from two Glasgow based depots. It is committed to supporting and growing the independent retail sector, through both price-driven promotional activity and technological innovation beneficial to retailers and their customers.

Asim Sarwar, Managing Director of UW(S), said, ‘As the next generation takes over businesses in our marketplace, more of our customers are becoming tech savvy. To retain our market lead, it’s imperative that we embrace new technology that makes it as easy for retailers to do business with us as possible. The new STL solutions will do just that.’

STL’s Order Wizard will enable UW(S) to provide a current and comprehensive product catalogue cost-effectively online. It will enable its customers to quickly and easily place an order while reviewing up-to-date prices, promotions and availability – at a time that is convenient to them, whether UW(S) is open or not.

Once the order has been completed, Order Wizard posts the information directly into UW(S)’s order processing system and informs the picking team that an order has arrived, cost-effectively automating the whole process. Based on the latest Microsoft platform, this solution is easy to use, and requires minimal training.

Free Offer

To add even further value to their customers, UW(S) is making an initial offer of free key-fob scanners for the first 30 customers to express interest.

With these handy units, retailers will be able to simply point, click and scan the barcodes of products they want to re-order. They then slot these scanners into their laptops or PCs via a USB port. This automatically brings up an easy-to-read order form from STL Order Wizard, already filled out with the product details they have just scanned. All they have to do then is adjust and confirm the quantity they want to purchase for each item entered, then press ‘Enter’, and Order Wizard will seamlessly process the order through to UW(S).

Mr Sarwar said, ‘The STL solutions give UW(S) a distinct competitive edge. By replacing manual order placement, STL Order Wizard will save us lots of time, and also eliminate human errors. STL will help us monitor customer spend so that we can plan stocking more effectively. It will also enable us to cost-effectively roll out new, short-term promotions, so that we can react quickly to changes in market trends and customer demand. All this is good for both our customers and our profit line.’

He added, ‘Combined, these initiatives will take UW(S) into the next generation. By making it so easy for retailers to do business with us, we will secure our business relationships, attract new customers and encourage larger orders.’

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