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Universal robot software includes new protocols and force mode

Uncomplicated programming is one of the key attributes that makes the Universal Robot from R. A. Rodriguez such a good choice for any manufacturer regardless of their automation experience. This low cost and mobile robotic arm can be applied to a broad variety of tasks for which it is quick and easy to set up thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

Indeed, the Universal Robot’s dedicated software and GUI have contributed greatly to the success of this product and naturally they are subject to continuous development. R. A. Rodriguez is therefore pleased to confirm the arrival of a new release of software to make the Universal Robot’s easy programming, even easier. It also introduces new features.

This latest release additionally supports the Ethernet protocols Modbus TCP and TCP/IP and also includes ‘force mode’. This is a clever feature that allows the robot’s actions to be controlled by force value rather than position. It’s therefore ideal for pushing or pulling a workpiece for a process such as bonding or for maintaining a specific force against a curved profile.

A variety of new features have also been added to this latest software to help guide the novice through the programming steps. In particular, the robot’s teach function has been developed to optimise the process and enhance the robot’s performance.

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