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Mobile shredder supports Austrian firms passion for carbon neutral waste management

UNTHA mobile shredder supports Austrian firm’s passion for carbon neutral waste management

An UNTHA XR mobil-e shredder is now operational at Struber Entsortgung in Kuchl, Austria, as the company prepares to expand its waste management capabilities.

Passionate about environmentally friendly waste treatment methods, Struber is no stranger to the resource industry. With a heritage spanning more than 50 years, the medium-sized family business specialises in waste management and disposal, recycling, street cleaning, demolition and earthworks.

The new shredder therefore needed to prove its ability to handle a variety of input materials including industrial waste, scrap wood, green waste and root stump, so that the resulting fraction can be subjected to further thermal treatment as an alternative fuel.

Struber successfully completed an extensive trial of the electric-drive mobile machine, before the decision was made to invest. The energy-efficiency of the power unit – plus the shredder’s mobility and flexibility – impressed Struber’s managing director.

Commenting on the investment, Johann Struber said: “We have the first UNTHA XR mobil-e in operation in Austria. In contrast to conventional diesel-powered shredders which, in addition to creating a high level of noise emission, result in disproportionately high pollutant emissions, the XR mobil-e shredder runs purely on electricity and is almost carbon neutral, as the electricity comes from 100% renewable energy sources. That means we have taken another important step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions!”

Thanks to the ‘plug and play’ nature of the XR mobil-e, the newly-installed technology can be transferred effortlessly for operation at two different locations on Struber’s premises.

Elaborating on the key selling points that have made this machine so popular during customer trials, UNTHA UK’s managing director Marcus Brew said: “This mobile electromechanical shredding system is extremely energy efficient, quiet and can be used universally. Thanks to the new quick sieve changeover system, the perforated screen can be replaced quickly and with very little effort, thus ensuring minimum costly downtime for our busy clients.”

This is not the first UNTHA machine that Struber has procured from the shredder manufacturer. The company also has a sophisticated Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) production line, complete with an UNTHA XR and TR post shredder for added particle refinement. Conveniently located in close proximity to UNTHA’s Austrian headquarters, the site is therefore used as a demonstration centre for visitors to the Kuchl base.

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