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Use a mobile yardramps to prevent port handling charges for shipping containers says Thorworld

The use of mobile yardramps for unloading goods off shipping containers can remove the need for expensive handling charges in ports, according to loading specialists Thorworld Industries.

The manufacturer has calculated that the payback on investing in a yardramp (whether it is bought or rented) can be achieved within a year – or sooner, depending on the frequency of deliveries from overseas.

In today’s global market, many companies source supplies, components or products from overseas, yet not every firm has the capability to unload a shipping container. "Without a dedicated loading bay, many small-to-medium-sized companies opt to have goods transferred from a rigid container to a curtain-sided trailer for unloading," explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries.

As a result, ports offer a reloading service where goods are taken off the inbound container and transferred to a suitable trailer more appropriate for final delivery. However, as Thorworld points out, there is a substantial cost every time this occurs, with prices around the £450 mark per delivery.

"How many oversea deliveries will a company take in a year?" ponders John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries. "Even if it is only once per month, the cost is £5,400.

"In addition to cost considerations, it is also a hugely inefficient and time-consuming process, risking damage to goods and stalling a trailer that could be on the road straight away," John points out.

The use of a mobile yardramp can make this process superfluous, by acting as an effective and versatile alternative to the dedicated loading bay.
This portable solution can be quickly and safely positioned at the back of a container truck to provide ramped access for forklifts, enabling a single operator to enable loading or unloading without the need to transfer goods to a curtain-sided trailer.

"We have learnt from customer feedback that even businesses who handle only one or two loads per month typically find that a yardramp delivers a swift return on investment," comments John Meale. "For companies bringing in goods via a port, the value of a yardramp is particularly pronounced."
With prices starting from £5,100, Thorworld calculates that payback can be achieved in 12 deliveries thanks to the avoidance of port handling charges.
Better still, with the option to rent a yardramp for as little as £35 per week, any company paying port handling costs at least once every 12 weeks can make a saving.

For more complex requirements, Thorworld can also devise bespoke solutions that integrate a yardramp with a platform or dock leveller.

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