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Valérex is the perfect solution

for Biokil Crown Solvent storage using a HDPE container.
Greif's 25 litre HDPE Valérex container has been selected by Biokil Crown, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of chemicals for building renovation, as their standard 25 litre drum for solvent based materials..

Biokil Crown specialises in chemicals for renovation, particularly for damp proof courses and timber treatment, and they also have a range of around 2000 building products, including around 200 chemicals. Biokil's main business is in two main areas: supplying directly to end users, where their reputation for service, quality and competitive pricing has won them a loyal customer base of more than 3000 regular users, and Biokil Crown has also developed a substantial amount of business supplying through hire companies, who augment their business of renting injection equipment with the supply of the associated chemicals.

Product presentation within this market is of the highest importance, adding value and creating brand worth. “Retail” customers will not accept any damage to product packaging, and the hire shops of course want to see good quality presentation within their shop floors. Before Valérex, Biokil Crown used tinplate containers that often became dented, scratched and damaged, resulting in claims and replacements.

Because it is made from HDPE, the Valérex container cannot be dented or scratched, and the high quality screenprint and striking white, blue and orange colour scheme provide exceptional presence “on-shelf”. In addition, Biokil Crown were impressed with Valérex's stackability. Efficient stacking on the pallet means a more effective use of space, also very important in the retail environment.

The main solvent involved in Biokil Crown's formulations is de-aromatised White Spirit, and while this is not one of the more aggressive solvents available, Biokil still spent more than eight months testing Valérex to make sure that there were no problems through the supply chain, on shelf or in use. Valérex came through all tests with flying colours.

As Biokil Crown's MD Andrew Grisdale puts it: “In a jerry can products look like commodities, Valérex turns them into speciality chemicals.”

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