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Vecoplan add new speed to Vetspeed

Vecoplan Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Vecoplan AG, the global leader in shredding, conveying, storage, separation and treatment equipment and systems, was recently commissioned to supply two specialist medical waste shredders into Vetspeed's new state-of-the-art integrated waste treatment plant near Royston,
Hertfordshire, south of Cambridge.

Since Vetspeed was formed almost 30 years ago, the company has developed its business along two parallel lines; its CPC brand offers bereaved pet owners a caring, compassionate crematorium service, while Novus environmental is the firm's service handling the collection, treatment and disposal of clinical, animal and plant-based waste streams. These include veterinary clinical wastes and mainly cellulose-based human clinical wastes, from GP practices, care homes and similar uses.

With increased demand for these services, Vetspeed has made a significant investment of £2.5 million in new plant and engineering processes to support the continued growth of the business. This has culminated in a new plant being designed and constructed to increase processing from 90 tons per week on an 8 hour shift pattern to 168 tons on a 24 hour shift pattern.

The new facilities use leading edge technology to reduce the company's environmental impact while maximising sustainability of its waste treatment and disposal solutions.

With many complex issues to consider, Vetspeed called on the specialist knowledge of Vecoplan who have an unrivalled reputation in the industry for the implementation of bespoke waste processing, recycling and recovery solutions.

Vecoplan conducted a free review and site survey which resulted in the installation of two VAZ1300 M KF, medical waste shredders. The VAZ1300 M KF is an extremely powerful waste shredder. Designed specifically for use with medical waste processing, it has a 1300mm rotor, 40mm screen and a 45kW drive motor. It is ideally matched to Vetspeed's requirements, being capable of shredding sterilised waste to less than 40mm.

The process entails storing medical waste in 1100 litre wheelie bins before it is fed into Tempico Rotoclaves using automatic bin lifters. The waste is then heat treated to sterilise it before it is fed, via conveyors, into the two Vecoplan VAZ1300 M KF shredders whose robust construction allows them to cope with 1000/1200 kilograms per hour. Sterilised and shredded waste is then collected in an outdoor container press ready for landfill.

Commenting on the development, Steven Withers, Vetspeed director said, “We are delighted with the new plant and increased capacity. The implementation of Vecoplan's recommendations has increased efficiency and improved the working environment. We are already exploring the possibility of other waste options with Vecoplan, including RDF and the separation of recyclates.”

Vecoplan have been active in the UK market through local partners and agents for over 30 years. The establishment of Vecoplan Limited demonstrates a continued and growing commitment to better serve the growing UK recycling and biomass markets.

Vetspeed Ltd is a specialist waste management company committed to the efficient, legal collection and disposal of animal and plant-based wastes. Challenging wastes such as condemned meat or fish, illegal food imports, road kill, processed foodstuffs, clinical waste, and confidential material are handled in a safe, secure, and effective manner. Typically, customers are based in environmental health, trading standards, port health, food production, and transport among other sectors.

Vetspeed's main facility is at Thriplow Heath near Royston, Hertfordshire, where it operates a number of specialised incineration plants including two autoclaves which use steam under high pressure to disinfect waste. The company also has a dedicated waste transfer station at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Overall, the company employs 80 people.

Vetspeed holds all relevant licences and meets standards for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Environment Agency and Home Office. It is a member of the following organisations: Environmental Services Association (ESA), Sanitary Medical Disposal Services Association (SMDSA), Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) and Freight Transport Association (FTA).

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