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Vecoplan are first choice for state-of-the-art clinical waste treatment

Vecoplan Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Vecoplan AG, the global leader in shredding, conveying, storage, separation and treatment equipment and systems, was recently commissioned to supply two specialist medical waste shredders to Medical Waste Solutions' state-of-the-art clinical waste treatment centre in Nottingham.

Medical Waste Solutions offers a range of sustainable medical waste management options utilising advanced treatment and recycling technology. Providing a comprehensive regulated medical waste disposal service across the UK, Medical Waste Solutions brings environmental and economic benefits to their clients.

As a leading clinical waste management company Medical Waste Solutions is reliant on its plant and equipment which must be reliable, cost-effective and provide the best environmental process available.

The Nottingham plant presently processes 5000 tonnes of medical waste per year with a predicted rise to 8,000 tonnes. In order to effectively manage this volume of waste, Medical Waste Solutions utilise the Tempico Rotoclave as the primary treatment plant. The Rotary Autoclave offers an alternative technology to traditional methods as it doesn't require pre-treatment shredding, making the system one of the cleanest and safest treatment technologies in operation.

Once clinical waste has been treated by the Autoclaves, the sterilised material is then fed via conveyor to two specialised Vecoplan clinical waste shredders. The material is shredded to less than 30mm before being safe to go to landfill or being made ready for recycling.

As part of Medical Waste Solutions' environmental policy they constantly are striving to recycle sterilised waste material. This has led to the development of Reco-Board. Manufactured using 15% sterilised clinical waste, mixed with tyres and plastic farm waste, the surface of the board is made from waste electrical goods all manufactured in one mould. Reco-Board is designed to replace timber boards in environments such as building sites and has recently been trialed at a hospital site in the West Midlands, with great success. Reco-Board is extremely durable and impervious to water making it suitable for many applications and can be used time and time again.

Colin Irons, Vecoplan Limited Sales Manager said: “An organisation like Medical Waste Solutions relies on its plant; it's a valuable resource that needs to be reliable. The clinical waste shredders we have supplied are the most reliable of their kind on the market and are more than capable of handling the colossal amount of waste that Medical Waste Solutions process. We are particularly proud to be working with Medical Waste Solutions and admire their commitment to recycling with developments like Reco-Board. We look forward to working with them in the future and to ensuring their equipment always performs to its optimum.”

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