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Vehicle location search software launched

At the touch of a button, company fleet drivers accused of hit and runs can now provide conclusive proof of their whereabouts at the time of the incident.

Vehicle Location Search, Navman Wireless's latest vehicle tracking application, enables fleet operators to determine – with the minimum of effort – exactly where vehicles have been and when they were there.

The fleet management tool allows users to highlight a location on an online map and search for vehicles that were there on any given date, at any given time. A report is immediately generated, detailing all requested information.

“This technology has been developed in response to customer feedback and will have a wide range of valuable uses,” said Tony Neill, Navman Wireless Executive Vice President.

“Firms and their drivers, for example, are frequently accused of having been involved in road traffic incidents, or having driven on roads that they're prohibited from using, but have no easy way to validate or refute the allegations. With Vehicle Location Search they will be able to do so immediately.

“The software will also allow companies to deal quicker and more effectively with customer queries concerning service and goods deliveries.”

Geofences – geographic boundaries created by the vehicle tracking software – that trigger automatic alerts when vehicles are nearing their destination are a key, and long standing, function of Navman Wireless's system. The ability to determine vehicle locations retrospectively however takes the technology to a new level.

This latest development is available to all Navman Wireless customers using the OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking software system.

“Our R&D continues apace and this ongoing investment is reflected in our quarterly software updates,” added Tony. “What's more, as a consequence of our regular consultations with fleet operators, all developments address the real needs of business.”

Navman Wireless is a global leader in vehicle tracking supplying more than 7,500 businesses across 10 countries.

For more information contact Navman Wireless on 01782 557950 or visit www.navmanwireless.co.uk

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