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Vehicle tracking company Navman Wireless help Co operative keep control over its fleet

In a bid to improve communications and service to its stores, Lincolnshire Co-operative has rolled-out vehicle tracking technology to its delivery fleet – and has seen instant results.

Following the recent installation of Navman Wireless’s award-winning system in 16 food delivery vehicles, the Lincolnshire-based operation – the most successful independent consumer co-operative in the UK – immediately discovered improved levels of visibility and control over its fleet.

"We used to communicate with our drivers via two-way radio equipment which was far from ideal," said Lincolnshire Co-operative Food Distribution Manager, Ian Bell.

"With the new system, we can now contact any number of drivers at the touch of button and give them instructions on their in-cab devices. This is proving particularly valuable when we need to quickly divert and route a vehicle to a different store."

Using Navman Wireless’s OnlineAVL2 tracking software, the state-of-the-art system also allows the organisation to instantly see where all its vehicles are from the comfort of its Food Distribution Centre.

"Apart from being able to give our stores up-to-the-minute information on when a delivery will arrive, the level of visibility we now have means our Warehouse Management Team can prepare afternoon deliveries well before the vehicles have returned to the distribution centre – markedly boosting business efficiency."
In addition to being able to see where vehicles are, the system is enabling Lincolnshire Co-operative to see how long they have been stationary.

"This has significantly improved work scheduling and break patterns," Ian added.

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