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Vehicle Tracking In Demand as Companies Target Cost Savings

Vehicle tracking specialist reports changing customer demographic as British businesses look to save money and improve efficiency

With the cost of vehicle tracking now less than the cost of most mobile phone contracts, GPS tracking technology is attracting a new range of customers looking to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency in the current market, according to tracking specialist V-SOL.

In a tough economic climate, companies in markets ranging from housing to distribution, many with just a small number of vehicles, are now looking to improve their operational efficiency through the additional control and reporting available with the latest tracking technology.

However, V-SOL estimates that still less than 33% of British companies that could benefit from vehicle tracking are currently making full use of it.

Managing director of V-SOL, David Isom, says: “The vehicle tracking market has changed significantly over the last couple of years. We used to see tracking systems purchased mainly by large business fleets, but with the reduced costs of the systems, together with the greater control they offer, the benefits are now being utilised by much smaller businesses in a wider range of markets.

“The recession has also increased interest in the efficiencies tracking brings, however there are still many companies unaware of the full potential the latest vehicle tracking offers. This is now changing, but it's important for any business considering investing in vehicle tracking to fully assess the functionality and accuracy of the systems available – they can vary greatly, and in this market performance really is key.”

With prices of vehicle tracking systems reduced by around 70% over the past 10 years, even the top of the range systems are affordable to a wider range of businesses.

David adds: “The latest systems offer much more than simply monitoring where a vehicle is located. From measuring fuel efficiency and logging driver hours, to increasing productivity, enhancing customer relationships and providing greater security, the detailed data helps businesses operate more cost-effectively and competitively, which is proving key in the current climate.”

V-SOL vehicle tracking systems are available to buy or rent, with prices starting from £795 for an outright purchase and less than £1.00 per day for system rental, including full customer support.

V-SOL has been supplying live vehicle tracking longer than any other company in the UK, with companies ranging from EDF Energy to the Ministry of Defence relying on the accuracy and control offered by the company's systems.

For more information on V-SOL vehicle tracking visit www.v-sol.co.uk

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