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Verlinde know-how gets hoist experts out of a sling

A training session for a new range of hoist equipment was hailed a great success by organisers. The event introduced the new range of Eurochain VR flexible hoist solutions developed by Verlinde France, to distributors drawn from throughout the UK.

The training session was delivered by Verlinde training specialist Michael Ghesquiere, with client support from Simon Rothechild, business development manager for Verlinde, kindly hosted by approved Verlinde distributor Hoist UK in the Wirral. Other Verlinde distributors from around the country were welcomed to the North West for the training day, including Pelloby Ltd of Telford in the midlands, and Devon based Alpha Lifting Services.

The event introduced Eurochain VR, a whole new range of flexible electric chain hoist solutions capable of lifting loads from 60-5000 kg. This new Verlinde hoist represents a significant improvement on the previous model, being over 25% faster than the previous generation of hoist and has been ergonomically designed not just for looks, but with ease of servicing in mind. Demand has been increasing for flexible hoist solutions and this is the first model to address many of the markets key concerns in terms of speed, power and performance with no compromise on safety.

All UK distributors are reporting strong demand for flexible hoist solutions, which has led Verlinde to develop a new model with a specification tailored to the most popular requests from the UK market. A full day’s training brought UK distributors up to speed on the latest innovations offered by this new hoist.

Ergonomic design is now a given, coupled with all the other enhanced features and options demanded by industry. The need to comply with the latest health and safety regulations, plus the latest EU industry standards and directives means this new hoist product is already proving to be a must have.

Commenting on the training session, business development manager for Verlinde Simon Rothechild said: "We were delighted with the support from our UK distributors, which made the day a great success. We hope it will be the first of many, as people get to grips with the new hoist now introduced into both the UK and international markets."

"It was a pleasure to deliver my training to such a knowledgeable and receptive audience," added Michael Ghesquiere at the end of the day’s events. "The new hoists have numerous benefits including higher duty cycles and easier maintenance so I’m not surprised there is a lot of interest. The UK has always been a demanding market in terms of specification and these new products will go a long way towards satisfying customers for the foreseeable future."

The event was hosted by Hoist UK, a company founded more than five years ago by directors Tony Dickson and Paul Jordan. Tony and Paul have over thirty years’ experience in supplying specialist lifting equipment for the entertainment and industrial sectors and as one of the first UK suppliers of hoists like Verlinde’s Stagemaker range and based centrally in the Wirral, Hoist UK was a natural choice of venue for the training day.

"It was great to meet the other Verlinde distributors and swop notes about the servicing and maintenance enhancements with the new VR hoists," said Hoist UK director Paul Jordan. "We all like to talk shop when we get the opportunity and it was good to discuss the product with fellow experts in the field. It was a pleasure to host what we hope will be the first of many such events as Verlinde bring more new products to market."

"The future is bright for the Eurochain VR and Verlinde. We anticipate keen interest from traditional as well as new markets," concluded Simon.

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