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VERLINDE’s CB type roller units are designed for traversing systems for travelling cranes or hoist trolleys

CB type rollers units can be used for variable speed or two-speed trolleys. For variable speed trolleys, VERLINDE markets a unit integrating 4 rollers (2 powered and 2 free-running), 2 motors and gear boxes, I cabinet-housed speed variation system, 4 rubber stops. For two speed trolleys or travelling crane girders, the only difference is that the speed variation system is not included. The roller units can be integrated not only in the construction of new hoist units but also for modernisation projects involving existing hoists and travelling cranes.

CB type units are available in four models (design for interior use, 400V/50Hz voltage, FEM 1Am, distribution of loads at centre of trolley):

-D125, maximum load of 8 tonnes, speed from 6.5 to 27 m/min, running rail width from 40 to 50 mm,

-D160, maximum load of 25 tonnes, speed from 5 to 25 m/min, running rail width from 50 to 60 mm,

-D200, maximum load of 30 tonnes, speed from 6 to 24 m/min, running rail width from 50 to 65 mm,

-D250, maximum load of 58 tonnes, speed from 5 to 32 m/min, running rail width from 70 to 75 mm.

-France’s leading manufacturer and exporter of load lifting and moving devices.
-A constantly expanded range of 30 series of lifting devices, for loads from 60 to 160,000 kg. -ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.
In France: a network of sales agencies, after-sales service centres, EUROPONT bridge crane production facilities and a distribution network.
In the rest of the world: an advisor by your side in over 55 countries.

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