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Vero improves warehouse productivity and safety

An innovative suite of solutions, from Harland Simon, has been launched to help warehouse and logistics companies improve operational efficiency, safety and productivity. Called Vero, the new series of modules are easy to install, use and maintain, and provide the ability to track, monitor and plan the movement of pallets, RTIs, trucks, people and other key assets, in real time.

The Vero suite of solutions is made up of four key components: VeroTrack, VeroSafe, VeroCapture, and VeroLink. These can be used independently or integrated as part of a total logistics system.

VeroTrack features the latest location-aware technology, with a choice of optical, RFID or WiFi based devices, to track the location of people and materials handling equipment (MHE) in real time. An intelligent reporting engine then analyses the performance of assets, enabling managers to optimise the movement and operation of assets around the warehouse or wider logistics site. This can, for example, increase operator efficiency and accountability leading to improvements in productivity or cost savings by allowing the number of trucks in operation to be reduced.

The VeroSafe module allows incidents or near misses on the warehouse floor to be reduced by enabling the establishment of a safe zone around pedestrians, MHE and inventory. VeroSafe provides collision alerts, eliminates common time-intensive false alarm problems and collects data for analyses to inform operators about how to further enhance safety. This improves working conditions for staff and visitors, while also improving the efficiency of warehouse operations.

The VeroCapture module builds on the capabilities of VeroTrack and VeroSafe, adding the ability to track the movement of pallets and inventory automatically without having to scan barcodes. This effectively minimises the manual process of data collection, saving time, eliminating the potential for errors and improving accuracy. In doing so, VeroCapture can reduce the time required to move each pallet by up to 15 seconds, the equivalent of saving eight hours for every 1000 pallets moved.

VeroCapture combined with VeroTrack also provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of inventory, enabling warehouse and logistics managers to develop effective operational strategies, based on real time and historical data. This then allows the movement and storage of products and pallets, and the number and operation of MHE, to be cost-optimised.

Finally, VeroLink provides an easy to manage interface with higher level WMS or company-wide ERP systems. All Vero modules are backed by Harland Simon’s comprehensive range of technical and customer services.

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