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Versatile heavy duty magnet

The highly acclaimed SweepEx modular brush system, has increased the capabilities of the SweepEx product with the introduction of a new heavy-duty magnetic bar attachment. Able to pick up nails, screws, steel shards and other metal refuse while sweeping, the magnet helps to increase job-site safety while reducing tyre damage to distribution and service vehicles.

The magnet assembly quickly fastens to the SweepEx broom frame and hangs in front of the bristles using a chain mount system. The non-rigid mount allows the magnet to readily adjust when encountering obstacles without sustaining damage during use.

Mounted in an aluminium casing, the magnet is ideal for general construction sites, distribution centres, loading bays, timber and builders merchants or anywhere where metal debris poses a hazard to people and/or equipment. The industrial-strength magnet can pick up debris from as high as 10cms from the road or floor surface.

Broadwood SweepEx is a range of modular broom attachments that can be mounted onto a wide variety of vehicles including skid-steers, forklifts, loader buckets, 3-point hitches or pick-up trucks. With no moving parts, SweepEx brooms are a simple low maintenance solution for many sweeping applications.

The compact design allows a powerful sweeping action both forwards and backwards allowing rapid, efficient and economical sweeping of large areas. The tough system is able to withstand the severest environments as the broom heads and mounting hardware are manufactured from industrial strength steel, with heavy-duty powder coat finish. The easily and quickly replaceable hi-grade polypropylene brush section has eleven rows of 30cm bristles for effective sweeping. Very robust, the brushes will provide around 450 miles of sweeping before they need changing.

The new heavy-duty magnet saves companies and their customers call-out charges to repair punctures caused by nails and metal debris. After use metal fragments are easily collected manually from the magnet. The cost effective attachment can be retrofitted and comes with a fixing kit.

Available from exclusive UK and European distributor, Broadwood International, or via its appointed agents, SweepEx is capable of handling all commercial and industrial sweeping applications both inside and out. It is the ideal solution for a range of applications within agriculture, construction, local government, utilities, warehouses, factories and public amenities.

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