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VESDA safeguards underground document archive

(Hemel Hempstead, November 2006). 150m below the ground, carved into the Winsford rock, is an innovative document archive owned by DeepStore, one of the UK's fastest growing offsite archive facilities. DeepStore uses the worked out sections of the mine for long term and 'active' storage, for which they provide a 24-hour retrieval and delivery service across the UK.

Selecting the right smoke detection solution was a priority and DeepStore chose VESDA not only for it's early warning capabilities but also as the installation was very flexible with simple sampling pipes suspended from stainless steel catenary/ wire below the rough ceiling of the caverns.

Steve Holmes, Managing Director at DeepStore comments: “Our customers expect the best possible protection of their documents, and that is exactly what we provide. For this reason it is of course tremendously important to detect any smoke at the earliest time in order to prevent damage. Additionally, VESDA affords us the extra time needed to investigate alarms prior to activating the extinguishing systems, which otherwise would be a costly affair”.

Helge Rognstad, EMEA marketing manager at Vision Fire & Security comments “”Owing to the unique nature of this storage facility, the VESDA smoke detection system is ideal because the sampling pipes can easily be installed where the smoke is most likely to go. Using VESDA detectors also means that it is easy for fire engineers to maintain the system at ground-level

Picture Caption: “DeepStore uses VESDA aspirating smoke detection to protect its assets”

About Vision Fire & Security

Vision Fire & Security is a global leader in very early warning smoke detection, voice alarm and remote CCTV security surveillance solutions which protects business-critical assets across the world. Vision Fire & Security operates a global network of companies in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Products include:

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With advanced remote surveillance and alarm handling functionality including voice integration, ADPRO offers innovative security solutions ideal for remote CCTV surveillance and perimeter protection.

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Recognised as the global market leader in early warning smoke detection, VESDA's aspirating smoke detection systems is ideal for mission critical applications, high airflow applications, inaccessible areas, large open spaces and offers a unobtrusive detection for a wide range of vertical markets, including telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, utilities and storage services.

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Millbank has a range of systems to provide complete Voice Alarm Solutions suited applications ranging from plug-and-play systems to completely customized solutions. Millbank products are recognized for their superior audio quality and ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance. Millbank products can be found in landmarks such as Canary Wharf and the Harrods department store.

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